Proposed Blockbuster 3-Team NBA Trade Has Lakers Land $117 Million Star

Rui Hachimura

Getty The Los Angeles Lakers are being mentioned in NBA trade rumors as a potential fit for Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray with Rui Hachimura as a possible trade chip.

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to be a popular team mentioned in trade rumors with the NBA offseason ramping up. Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray is a former All-Star that has been linked to the Lakers dating back to before last season’s NBA trade deadline.

Bleacher Report’s Sean Davis put together several potential trade ideas for Los Angeles to consider. One three-team proposed trade involves the Lakers, Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. Given the number of franchises involved, it is a bit of a complicated deal, but we will start with Los Angeles.

The Lakers are moving D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, Jalen Hood-Schifino and a 2029 first-round pick in exchange for Murray. Atlanta receives a familiar face from the Nets in Dennis Schroder as well as two second round picks (2025, 2026).

The Hawks also net Hachimura and Hood-Schifino from the Lakers as part of the deal. Brooklyn lands Russell from the Lakers as well as Hawks big man Mouhamed Gueye.

One important note, Russell would need to opt in to his current two-year, $36 million contract versus testing free agency for this proposal to work as outlined. Let’s explore whether this trade proposal makes sense for the Lakers, Hawks and Nets.

The Hawks Would Likely Need More in This 3-Team NBA Trade to Move on From Dejounte Murray

Atlanta keeps being mentioned as a team that could blow up their roster this offseason. The Hawks could look to trade one or both of Murray and Trae Young. Atlanta also has the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA draft that could be used as another potential trade chip.

Yet, the Hawks are not going to just move Murray or Young without receiving something of value in return. It is hard to imagine Atlanta would love moving on from Murray for a package of Schroder, Hood-Schifino and Hachimura.

For the Hawks to accept this sort of underwhelming package of players, it would make sense for Atlanta to push for more than just one future first rounder. The Lakers land a third star without giving up significant assets.

“This works in a couple of different ways for L.A.,” Davis explained during a June 23, 2024 Bleacher Report live stream. “One, I think because you do save a lot of cap space [$14 million] by doing this deal. So, now you’re able to be a player in free agency.”

The Lakers Are Expected to Explore Potential Trade for Vets Like Dejounte Murray and Collin Sexton: Report

What is clear is that Murray makes a lot of sense as a fit for the Lakers. Murray is set to begin a four-year, $114 million contract extension that the star signed last offseason.

This deal is slated to run through the 2027-28 season. Murray also has a player option that would allow him to hit free agency as soon as 2027. ESPN’s Jonathan Givony reported that the Lakers are likely to explore the trade market for veterans like Murray and Colin Sexton.

“The Lakers likely will explore the trade market to see what type of veterans they can add to give LeBron James, Anthony Davis and new coach J.J. Redick the best chance of competing this season, with NBA names such as Dejounte Murray and Collin Sexton being batted around by rival teams as possible targets,” Givony wrote in a June 24 story titled, “NBA mock draft: Latest intel, predictions for all 58 picks.”