Bill Belichick Loves Cam Newton’s ‘Me Against the World’ Mantra: Report

Bill Belichick

Getty Head coach Bill Belichick is adding depth to the New England Patriots' offensive line.

There are some concerns and discussion about how Cam Newton‘s me-against-the-world approach will mesh with Bill Belichick and “The Patriot Way.” The New England Patriots have a reputation for bland excellence and extreme uniformity, but that perception isn’t entirely accurate. The Patriots have signed several players over the years who might not have appeared to be strong matches for the culture but proved to be just that and more.

In fact, one analyst went as far as to say Newton’s “Me Against the World” approach is the Patriot Way.

First Things First Debates Cam’s Me Against the World to The Patriot Way

On First Things First, Nick Wright batted down any notion that Newton and Belichick won’t mesh well. Take a listen to his take on the subject. Wright’s part in the conversation takes place at the 1:53 mark of the video below.

Cam Newton’s ‘Me against the World’ mentality is the Patriot Way — Nick Wright | FIRST THINGS FIRSTIt looks like Cam Newton may be on a 'revenge tour' this season, focusing on the teams that passed on him, and calling former New England Patriots' quarterback the 'elephant in the room'. Nick Wright tells Greg Jennings and Kevin Wildes why Cam's mentality is justified, and one that is not foreign to the Patriot…2020-07-15T15:00:57Z

Bill Belichick and Cam Newton Are a Perfect Match

Wright makes some great points. Pointing out how Belichick has used a player or even his entire team being disrespected as motivation for his guys in the past. As I stated back when this signing was still new, Belichick’s sales pitch to Newton is pretty easy.

In my monotone Belichick voice, “come to New England, replace a legend after everyone has written you off, and show them all how great of a player you still are–all the while setting yourself up for a big payday in 2021.” Well, he might not have said the last part considering the Patriots may have to make a decision on their long-term commitment to Newton at the end of the upcoming season, but you get my drift.

Newton’s desire to shine and the way he plays the game cannot be a bad thing for the Patriots. He’s the quarterback, which means he’s got to throw the ball to receivers and hand it to running backs to have success. Will he use his legs to make plays? Sure he will, but at the end of the day, he’s got to depend on teammates to make plays as he has throughout his nine-year NFL career.

The cultures may be different, but when it’s all said and done, it’s about winning football. Both men know what it takes to make that happen, and Newton has never had a history of clashing with a coach. To suggest that would happen with a legend like Belichick and an organization as highly regarded as the Patriots is foolish and overly simplistic thinking.

The only thing that can stop Newton from having success with Belichick in 2020 is COVID-19 or injury.

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