Will Bill Belichick Wear a Mask on the Patriots’ Practice Field?

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There’s been progress between the NFL and the National Football League Players Association. At one point over the weekend, there was serious concern that a disagreement on COVID-19 safety guidelines would put the season in jeopardy. Thanks to an agreement on Monday evening, things are trending in the right direction for a 2020 NFL season. There are still a few questions as it pertains to safety during training camp, the preseason–if there is one–and on the practice field.

That last could be a sticking point depending on who the head coach is for the respective teams. On WEEI’s Dale and Keefe radio show on Monday, an interesting question was posed. If it isn’t made mandatory, will New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wear a mask on the practice field and sidelines?

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That might seem like an overly simplistic question that will render a simple answer, but it could be complicated for someone as experienced, successful, and set in their ways as Belichick.

Will Bill Belichick Wear a Mask on the Field?

Unfortunately, wearing a mask in the United States has become more than a simple safety issue. As Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe discussed, this has become a political issue as well.

Many who have chosen to dig their heels in the dirt on this issue aren’t only clinging to their understanding or lack of understanding of the transmission or danger level of the virus. Some have attached this cause to a fight against other causes seen as liberal initiatives, such as Black Lives Matter, Democratic, etc. Based on those attachments, and people like the President Donald Trump not endorsing masks, giving in to the folks that want everyone to wear the protective face coverings has become an emotional decision.

Belichick has been identified as a Trump supporter, but he has to consider the feelings and stances of those who are on his staff, and the players he coaches. If Belichick isn’t a pro-mask person, he could risk losing the ear of his team if he doesn’t adopt the kind of precautions that makes them feel comfortable.

Bet on Belichick Following the Rules Mandated by the League

No matter what Belichick’s personal feelings are, it would be wise to bet on him complying with whatever the rules are in the league this year. Even if he hates the mask, Belichick would likely prioritize winning over those things, and he wouldn’t want the issue to become a distraction.

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