Cam Newton is Asking for ‘Accountability Partners’

Getty Cam Newton

Cam Newton is on a mission.

He wants to lose 20 pounds before the start of the 2021 season. Newton is so serious about it; he posted a video on Instagram on Monday asking his fans to be his “accountability partners” on his journey.

Who’s joining Newton on his 31 days of fitness? All he’s asking is 31 minutes, which most people have, even if they have convinced themselves they don’t.

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Cam the Accountable

The word accountable was synonymous with Cam Newton in 2020. The 2015 NFL MVP signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots. He beat out Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer for the starting spot.

However, after a fast start, despite no training camp, he got COVID, and his play declined. The Patriots missed the postseason for the first time since 2008. Throughout the year, Newton made no excuses for his play.

Despite a subpar group of weapons in the passing game and a restricted gameplan, Newton never threw his teammates or coaching staff under the bus. He accepted the blame, and tons of it came from most local media and fans.

Newton’s openness and availability made him arguably the best interview in sports in 2020. While most would welcome that same accessibility in 2021, fans of the team he plays for hope for his interviews to be more about success than failure. 

Cam the Free Agent

Newton will be a free agent on March 17, and the possibility of him returning to the Patriots is being discussed far more recently than before. Over the past few weeks, Newton has discussed making some noteworthy changes in 2021.

One pledge Newton has made is to lose 20 pounds from his frame ahead of the 2021 season. That’s a startling decision considering part of what he has accomplished in his NFL career has come because he combined size and athleticism like no QB before him. As Newton moves into the latter stages of his career, it is clear; he sees being leaner as an advantage.

A school of thought suggests less bulk around the previously right injured shoulder could help with his arm strength, which is reportedly the only concern Bill Belichick has concerning Newton’s potential return. Whether Newton is a member of the Patriots again or signs elsewhere, he wants to be a leaner, more nimble, and fluid athlete than he has been early in his career. 

He clearly won’t be taking the advice of former NFL great and one of the I Am Athlete podcast hosts, Chad Johnson. On a recent episode, Newton appeared, and he spoke with Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Fred Taylor about various subjects. At the outset of the episode, Johnson (who is infamous for his fast-food-charged diet) tries to convince Newton to drop his vegan lifestyle and adopt new eating habits. 

Newton plainly tells Johnson, if I did that, “I’d be 280.”

It sounds to me as if that’s 60 pounds away from where Newton is committed to reaching, so he’ll be looking at some fat-burning methods instead. 

March is a huge month for Newton. He’s likely to reach his weight-loss goals while also finding out where he’ll play in 2021. Stay tuned.

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