Cam Newton Has Harsh Words For His Haters

Getty Cam Newton

The New England PatriotsCam Newton wants his haters to know just how much he cares about what they say about him.

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Cam Newton: “My G.A.F Meter is Low For People Who Don’t Know Me”

Newton knows he isn’t perfect, and acknowledges mistakes. He is one of the most humble players in the league at 31 years old, but he’s still often the target of tons of hate. Whether it’s the constant replay of his demeanor or reluctance to dive on a loose ball in the Super Bowl, or insults about his clothing and fashion, Newton’s haters won’t let up for a second.

Newton talked about the way he handles the criticism and insults, and how much he cares about what the people who don’t know him have to say.

It didn’t take me long in the NFL til I found that out. I didn’t understand why people would make so much of a deal that I didn’t like to lose. I still don’t like to lose. I learned very quickly that no matter what and who you are, or what you do, people are going to say something about it. … As far as my G.A.F. meter, it’s really low when it comes to people who really don’t know me. I just make sure that I use my platform in a positive way and make sure that I am always holding myself to a high standard first and then everything else is pretty much things that I can control.

Many of us, especially those of us who are honestly doing the best we can, could probably stand to adopt a bit of this approach. Here is the entire interview:

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Cam Newton, Thoughtful With His Words

If it looks as if Newton is running his thoughts a filter to ensure they are as hater-proof as possible, it’s because it appears that’s exactly what he is doing. He talked about his development overall and the changes he’s made since coming into the NFL stubbing his toe a few times and learning from those missteps.

I have to always be conscientious about my thoughts and what I say, how I act because life goes on. As I mature as an adult, as I mature as a father, as I mature as a son, as I mature as a brother, as I mature as a teammate and the best player that I can possibly be, you start understanding certain situations and eliminating bad mistakes.

Though the most impassioned Newton haters won’t acknowledge it, the 2015 NFL MVP is back on the right track since returning from COVID-19. He leads the NFL in completion percentage over the past two weeks, and he’s poised to lead the Patriots against the Houston Texans.

Another win would run the streak to three in a row and push New England back to .500. The better he plays, that meter might be going even lower.

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