Cam Newton Shows Restraint While Kid Verbally Assaults Him [WATCH]

Getty Cam Newton

Maturity is a beautiful thing. It brings on restraint and improves your decision-making. The New England Patriots‘ Cam Newton has far more of it than many of us, and more than some give him credit.

Newton has long own and operated his own 7-on-7 youth football team. This past week at his camp, while attending one of the games and patrolling the sidelines, Newton was heckled by an insidious little fellow standing behind the players.

The culprit looked to be in his early teens, and he pelted Newton with several insults and profanity. He kept referring to Newton as a “free agent” and telling him was “ass.”

Newton initially fed into some of the negativity by responding, “but I’m rich.” However, he quickly caught himself and said, “where’s your father? Let me speak to your dad.” The video, which is below, cuts off from there.

It was quite the cowardly act as the boy knew Newton wouldn’t touch him, so he nearly took advantage of his position. The disrespect is unfortunate, and the audacity of this young man is disgusting. We can only hope and pray that he gets the guidance to correct these horrible character flaws at some point in his life.

Hopefully, he can be taught respect in a way that doesn’t negatively impact his life.

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This Isn’t the First Time Cam Newton Was Disrespected at a 7-on-7 Game

In 2016, just months after Newton and the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos; another wayward teenager heckled Newton on the sidelines. The situations were eerily and unfortunately similar.


As we’ve seen with Newton in 2020, he has matured a great deal. Even his response to the disrespectful youth has improved. At some point, perhaps he won’t respond at all and allow the inappropriate person to muddied themselves rather than joining them on any level.

Still, this is far easier said than done. Newton is a human being like the rest of us, and it’s safe to say no one likes to have people disrespect them–especially not a kid that you’re providing an opportunity.

Cam Newton is a Free Agent

Contrary to the belief of an ignorant and ill-informed heckler, being a free agent isn’t a bad thing. Players often get their most handsome paydays during this time.

Newton is coming off a tough year in 2020, but there has been talk he could come back to the Patriots. Even if he doesn’t land back in New England, it’s doubtful he will be without a job overall. There is seemingly a strong possibility he could be with the Washington Football team, who may also have an opening at quarterback.

Despite the thoughts and perception, Newton is far from destitute. He has made close to $130 million throughout his career from his football salary and millions more from endorsements.

So, as he mentioned, he is rich. More than that, he was a man with self-control, and that’s even more commendable.

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