Drew Bledsoe Gives His Surprising Take on Patriots’ QB Duel

Getty Drew Bledsoe

It is hard to find people, especially those with history in the New England Patriots organization, who back Cam Newton as the team’s quarterback. Former Patriots Damien Woody and Rob Ninkovich have both said they believe Mac Jones should be the team’s starting quarterback.

However, there is always an exception.

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe is that exception. As the guy who ultimately gave way to Tom Brady as the Patriots’ QB1, Bledsoe knows a thing or two about the veteran-rookie-QB dynamic.

Drew Bledsoe Wants to See Cam Newton Play a Full Year

Amidst the sea of people calling for Mac Jones to overtake Newton as the Patriots’ starting quarterback Bledsoe said he’d like to see “Cam go a little bit.”

Bledsoe was a guest on the Zach Gelb Show. Gelb asked Bledsoe if Jones should be the Patriots’ starting quarterback in Week 1.

This is what he said:

I think they’ve got to let Cam go a little bit. And I would really like to see Cam get a full year. Last year, the cupboard was kind of empty up there, and I think everybody recognizes that now. There wasn’t a lot, in terms of weapons for him. They went and got some weapons, and I think it’d be great to see Cam get back out there and show why he was an NFL MVP.

Gelb seemed somewhat surprised at Bledsoe’s answer. He rebutted Bledsoe’s answer and stated Jones’ case for starting over Newton.

Bledsoe replied: “We’ll see,” but the former quarterback is clearly recognizing the limited options Newton had last year, and the former NFL MVP’s leadership.

Bledsoe may have a point, but he might also be partial to the veteran quarterback in the situation. He knows full well what it feels like to be overtaken by the young upstart–and Brady wasn’t a first-rounder like Jones.

What About Mac Jones?

Jones is going to be the starter at some point. The question is: will he get his chance to take the reins this season.

Bledsoe feels there is value in Jones sitting, and watching for a year before taking over as the starter. Bledsoe added:

It’d also be pretty good for Mac to watch it for a year and then be ready to rock going forward. But I’d love to see Cam get a chance to get out there, get after it, and show what he can really do… I don’t think [2020] was an accurate representation of what the Patriots can be, and I certainly don’t think it was an accurate representation of what Cam can be. If they can run the ball, playaction, and then let him use his physical tools, running the ball in a more limited fashion, I think he can still be effective.
If Jones can continue to hone his skills as a reserve, while getting some opportunities here and there throughout the season, it could be best for him and the organization. If Newton can lead the Patriots to the postseason, the cry for Jones to start will be kept quiet.
However, the moment he shows some cracks and the Patriots hit any snags, the calls for Jones will get deafening.


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