Patriots Captain Shares Thoughts on Cam Newton’s Potential Return

Getty Cam Newton and Patriots

If you read most articles and fan comments related to Cam Newton and a potential return to the New England Patriots, the sentiments are predominantly negative. However, those groups don’t speak for the coaches or the players.

A prominent member of the latter group spoke about Newton’s potential return, and let’s just say his take was much different than what you’ve probably been reading over the past month.

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Devin McCourty Wouldn’t Mind Having Cam Newton Back

Patriots 2-time Pro-Bowl safety, 3-time Super Bowl champion, and team captain, Devin McCourty said that he “wouldn’t mind” having Newton back as the team’s quarterback in 2021. McCourty’s comments came on a recent episode of his Double Coverage podcast with his twin brother and fellow Patriots teammate Jason McCourty.

Here is Devin’s exact quote as transcribed by Ryan Hannable of WEEI:

“I’ll start off by saying I wouldn’t mind seeing my guy Cam Newton come back. I thought he had a tough (situation) coming in — no offseason, no anything. (He) played in a Super Bowl and won an MVP.”

McCourty knows there are other possibilities out there for the Patriots at quarterback, and he didn’t slight any of them. In fact, he said:

“Look, Deshaun Watson: stud, Aaron Rodgers: stud, [Matthew] Stafford: stud, [Dak] Prescott: stud, [Carson] Wentz: stud, Jimmy G [Garoppolo]: stud, Teddy B [Bridgewater]: stud.”

Many Patriots fans would likely prefer most of those players over Newton, with the exception of Wentz, and maybe to a lesser degree Garoppolo and Bridgewater, but by season’s end, it was hard to find Newton supporters amongst the most outspoken fans in various comment sections, and with most media people.

That said, it’s interesting to note how different the opinions are from the men in the locker room and on the field.

The Possibilities of a Newton Return Seem to Be Increasing

One quarterback McCourty mentioned is no longer a possibility for the Patriots.

Stafford will be traded from the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams once deals can be completed officially. Stafford was reportedly on the Patriots’ wishlist. However, Bill Belichick’s offer was reportedly too low and Stafford is said to have asked the Lions to trade him anywhere but New England.

It’s too early to say for sure, but if the Patriots are interested in moving on from Newton, or even bringing in a viable veteran capable of competing with him in training camp for the starting job, the pickings could be slim. Stafford may not be the only quarterback who isn’t thrilled about landing in New England, and if Belichick isn’t keen on offering more attractive packages in a trade, the Patriots might not have a better option than Newton, a rookie quarterback, and Jarrett Stidham.

CLNS’ Evan Lazar is seemingly leaning in that direction with his thoughts.

This is a sentiment that Pats’ Pulpit Brian M. Hines shared over a month ago well before any sort of shuffling began.

With an extra year under his belt, more weapons in the passing game, and hopefully a more normal offseason, given the chance, Newton could surprise people.


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