Patriots Urged to Include Jarrett Stidham in Major Trade

Getty Jarrett Stidham

If the New England Patriots are going to acquire Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones, they will probably have to outbid the competition. If that means including third-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham, NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran seems all-in on the concept.

Curran appeared on WEEI’s Gresh and Keefe. When asked about a potential asset the Patriots could use to “sweeten” an offer to the Falcons, Curran said this on Tuesday: 

“Stidham is a pretty good trade chip. And as we look, today is June 1, this is the opportunity right now for Atlanta to split up Julio Jones’ damage and move him as we all know. Jarrett Stidham wouldn’t be a horrendous chip to throw in along with that second-round pick.”

Would the Falcons consider Stidham an attractive option?

The Case For Stidham Being an Asset to the Falcons

Stidham has never had an extended look with the Patriots. The team selected him in the fourth round back in 2019 to ultimately succeed Tom Brady. 

Along the way, he has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff, and in his brief opportunities, he’s shown a penchant for throwing interceptions. Still, Stidham has noteworthy arm talent, and he’s still just 24 years old. If the Falcons’ brass liked Stidham coming out of the draft, which we don’t know, or if they’ve seen something they want during his opportunities with New England, he may have some value to them.

Brady’s throwing coach Tom House had good things to say about Stidham earlier this year on the NBC Sports podcast, so perhaps others think he’s a salvageable talent.

“His mechanics are pretty solid, and I’m sure that the decision makers with the organization recognize that,” said House. “He also looks like he has the mental capacity to handle it. Physically, I think he’s going to be fine. What he needs right now is just snaps under pressure. Just to see if he can compete. But as far as mechanics are concerned, he’s as good as there is out there.”

With Cam Newton and Mac Jones on the Patriots’ roster, Stidham may never get that in New England.

Why Atlanta May Not Be Interested in Stidham

Stidham’s interception numbers have been alarming. He’s only thrown 48 passes in his NFL career, and four of them have been picked off. During an extended look against the Los Angeles Rams in 2020, Stidham’s lack of mobility was also exposed.

The Falcons and others may see Stidham as a guy who has already hit his ceiling. If that’s the case, he may not add much value in their eyes to a trade. If the Falcons are going to acquire a young quarterback, the signal-caller would at the very least need to project as someone who could be a backup to their franchise quarterback of the future.

Stidham is likely too young for that role but perhaps not good enough to have a legitimate chance of replacing Ryan in Atlanta. The Patriots’ other highly regarded 2019 draft pick, N’Keal Harry, might be of more value to the Falcons, especially considering they would be sending Jones to Foxboro.

There is no guarantee Atlanta likes Stidham or Harry.

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