Patriots Young QB is an ‘Afterthought’, Says Insider

Getty Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer

How far Jarrett Stidham has slid in the eyes of the New England Patriots coaching staff. The man who was drafted in the fourth round pegged as the likely successor to Tom Brady was referred to as “an afterthought” by Greg Bedard on his podcast.

You can hear this segment at the 7-minute mark of the video below.

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Bedard seems to love Jones and has remained cool on Cam Newton. He’s frigid on Stidham, and unfortunately for the 24-year-old heading into his third year, it seems the team may be viewing him similarly.

Jarrett Stidham Desperately Needs a Change of Scenery

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Stidham needs to go elsewhere if he’s ever going to get a shot at starting in the NFL.

Bedard talked about the team’s lack of belief in Stidham in one of his columns.

I came to learn was more about how the other players viewed Stidham, more than anything else. And you could even see that when he got into the games and the way he conducted the huddle. For whatever reason – and I don’t know if it was the training camp injury or the offseason thing or what have you, or the way he just conducts himself – there’s not a lot of belief (in him) in that building.

When a player has made such a poor early impression, it isn’t easy to turn the tide. The best thing for both sides is probably to separate. The Patriots can try to recoup some draft assets and perhaps save some coin.

Stidham can get the fresh start he needs and a chance to work with coaches and teammates that haven’t already made their minds up about who he is as a quarterback.

What Could Stidham Bring in a Trade?

There is talk the Patriots have already been receiving calls from teams checking on Stidham’s availability. The offers won’t be all that attractive.

While Stidham is talented, he hasn’t done much of anything in the NFL, and his small sample size has featured too many interceptions. While New England might be able to find a high-on-Stidham team, no organization is going to offer more than a sixth-round pick to save him from Foxboro.

That might sound like a mediocre package, but any return on Stidham would be a bonus at this point. The Patriots already have their starter for this year in Newton and their quarterback of the future in Jones.

Stidham is too young to be a mentor, and he probably won’t be satisfied being Jones’ long-term backup. Keep an eye on the Houston Texans.

New England’s former president of player personnel Nick Caserio is now the general manager, and he has already signed or acquired a ton of ex-Patriots. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Caserio make an offer for Stidham.

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