Key Patriots Defender Details Importance of Jerod Mayo

New England Patriots

Getty New England Patriots defensive lineman Lawrence Guy

The New England Patriots defense had an impressive 2022 season and a key member of the defense credits his coach.

Lawrence Guy appeared on NBC Sports Boston’s “Next Pats” podcast and talked about just how important Jerod Mayo is to the team’s success.

“Jerod is a good coach and he has an aspiration of trying to get better,” Guy said. “Coming from a former player, he gets it — been on the field, put the hand in the dirt, and understands from both sides now, he has to be coming in with words to inspire people and to uplift them. ‘This is what we have to do. When I was a player, this is how we did it. Make these calls, you can try this. This is going to be your failure, this is going to be your success.’

“You can see what he does for the team,” Guy added. “He talks with us every day, regardless of role, making sure we understand what we have to do. And he allows us to speak our words: ‘What are your thoughts? I want you vocal.’ That’s the thing about him: You can’t sit there and retain, retain, retain. You’re going to have questions, so he wants you to be vocal enough to understand what’s going on. What are your concerns? How can we fix it? And if we can’t do anything, this is what’s going to hurt us on it, so make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Lawrence Guy is Happy That the New England Patriots Brought Back Jerod Mayo

Mayo will be returning to New England for the 2023 season after rumors of a head coaching job elsewhere popped up. Guy told the podcast he is happy that Mayo is coming back.

“I feel like we did a good job to retain him,” Guy said. “And I know he loves the city. His family’s in that city, he played in that city. I think a bright future for him is going to come, and he’s going to have so much more accomplishments in his career.”

The Carolina Panthers wanted to interview Mayo for their then open head coach position but Mayo turned down the interview.

New England Patriots Legend Julian Edelman Still Upset Over Super Bowl Call

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs have already celebrated their recent Super Bowl victory with a parade, Edelman is still upset over the holding call on James Bradberry.

On the latest episode of “Inside The NFL” Edelman discussed the controversial call.

“You can’t call it, because earlier in the game, Bradberry got away with a tug,” he said. “Usually, the refs call it consistent throughout the game. If they’re going to let you play, you do business as business is being done.

“Is it a hold? Yes. But in that moment, you can’t call it,” he added.

The play took place with the game tied at 35 and Kansas City facing a 3rd-and-8 at the Philadelphia 15-yard line. Patrick Mahomes overshot JuJu Smith-Schuster, which would have set up a field goal with 1:48 left to play.

Instead, the Chiefs were able to run the clock down to 11 seconds before making the decisive field goal in their 38-35 victory.

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