Mac Jones’ ‘Superpower’ Revealed in Early Practices, Says Analyst

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The New England Patriots have one of the most intriguing quarterback situations in the NFL. Cam Newton appears to be the starter, but rookie Mac Jones is seemingly prepared to challenge him for the No. 1 spot.

According to Nick Cattles of Greg Bedard’s Patriots Podcast, Jones has already shown us “his superpower.” Cattles insists every young quarterback has a superpower; he is referring to a primary trait.

In Jones’ case, Cattles says his superpower is his football I.Q. Take a listen to Cattles rant on the subject in the video below. This part of the conversation with Bedard begins at the 14:20 mark.

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Is it a Little Early for This Assessment?

The short answer here is: yes.

We’re still in OTAs with no pads and no defenses putting pressure on anyone. Many of the veterans on the roster still aren’t even present. Most importantly, the players are just doing drills. Keep all of this in mind as we make any assessments.

That said, Jones is doing everything within his power to impress. From what we’re seeing and being told, he’s throwing it accurately and processing things quickly.
That’s what most expected of him, and it’s good to see him living up to that end of his projections to this point.

Still, there is a long way to go.

Don’t Sleep on Newton’s Superpowers?

It seems as though Cattles and Bedard are both sleeping on what Newton brings to the table. Quite honestly, this is common among Boston’s local media members, but Newton’s qualities don’t seem to be lost on the Patriots’ coaching staff.

Bill Belichick wasted no time naming Newton his No. 1 quarterback and speaks volumes considering the team drafted Jones with a No. 15 pick in the draft. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels met with the media on Thursday, and he talked about the differences he’s seeing in Newton after a year in the offense.

He’s worked really hard, and he worked hard all year last year. He was certainly at a point when he got here that was a unique situation, having really no experience and exposure to our system prior to training camp starting. I honestly can’t remember another time in my career where we’ve had a player that has done that. Even the rookies that get drafted, they get information prior to the end of the spring. So it was a unique scenario. He worked his butt off last year to do it, and then he came back certainly this year at a much different position. He has a different grasp of the offense, a different understanding of the terminology. And now we’re working on refining the precision, the details, and I always talk to the quarterbacks about trying to master the operation and the things we need them to do.

Newton’s leadership, experience, mobility, and confidence should trump Jones, even if the rookie proves to be a slightly more accurate passer. Newton will get into problems if he turns the ball over or is horribly inaccurate. Based on the improvements expected, that shouldn’t be the case.

Jones’ superpowers won’t be on display until 2022 after Newton potentially leads the team on a deep playoff run in an ideal world for the Patriots.

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