Patriots Legend Vince Wilfork Helping Out Local D-III Draft Prospect

Vince Wilfork

Getty Vince Wilfork


New England Patriots legend is doing his part to help out a local college prospect.

Framingham State’s Josh Onujiogu isn’t high on any NFL draft boards but he has been working very hard. In his latest college season, Onujiogu tallied 68 tackles, an interception and 2 forced fumbles. He has also had an impressive college career racking up 228 total tackles, 36.0 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception.

The edge rusher has molded his game after the playing styles of Khalil Mack and Von Miller, is fine playing any position according to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. He also was named Defensive Player of the Year in the final two seasons of his collegiate career.

A D-III player doing this is impressive but it would still be hard for Onujiogu to get on the radar of NFL teams. Lucky for him, he has some help from a family friend who has helped him improve as a football player.

Who Is that Family Friend?

Onujiogu’s father, Ob, is friends with a Patriots legend who won three Super Bowls while in New England. Having his help has been… huge one could say.

Even though he no longer lives in New England, Vince Wilfork has been giving Onujiogu advice leading up to the 2022 NFL draft.

“Honestly, it’s a true blessing. Not a lot of people have the opportunity,” said Onujiogu. “I’m lucky my father is such good friends with him, and I’m able to give him a call if I have a question. Or if something’s wrong, I can ask him what to do. He’s just an amazing person.”

Onujiogu had nothing but praise for the former Patriot who he has known since he was a child.

“It was nice (growing up) and seeing how he talked to people, how he interviewed, how he took care of his team as a leader, as a captain,” said Onujiogu, who also spent time with Wilfork’s kids when he was growing up. “It was in that part of the game that I really learned from him and tried to emulate myself when I’m on the field.”

Onujiogu Garnering Interest From New England

The edge rusher told the Boston Herald that he hopes that he gets to show an NFL team what he is capable of.

“Either way for me, it’s a blessing whether I’m drafted, or just brought in,” said Onujiogu. “When I was little, this was so far from what I saw happening. The fact I’m here now, it’s a true blessing.”

Onujiogu performed at a Pro Day for local colleges at Holy Cross and met with several teams, including the Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks and the Patriots.

“It’s definitely life-altering. It feels like my life is speeding up,” he said. “But I’m really enjoying my journey right now. I’m working really hard. I’m thinking about the future of training camps, and rookie camps, and being in the best possible shape in order to make a 53-man roster.”

Wherever Onujiogu ends up, whether that be in the NFL or not, he will have a friend in Wilfork.

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