Raiders Pro Bowler ‘Would Not Be Surprised’ if Tom Brady Plays Again

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady might not be all done after all.

While Tom Brady remains retired, his pending ownership role with the Las Vegas Raiders could lead to the field according to Pro Bowler Maxx Crosby.

The Raiders’ two-time Pro Bowl defensive end talked Buffalo Bills star linebacker Von Miller during “The Voncast” podcast when the subject came up. Brady retired on February 1 from his 23-year playing career as quarterback of the New England Patriots followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Yeah, the possibility [of Brady’s return], obviously we got Jimmy G,” Crosby told Miller. “He’s coming back. He’s gonna be healthy. But you know, you never know what’s going to happen. Tom Brady’s a competitor. The greatest of all time. At the absolute worst, if everything doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to and we need him, I would not be surprised if Tom Brady shows up in a Raiders jersey.”

Brady doubled down on staying retired during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, but the question hasn’t gone away. The seven-time Super Bowl champion previously retired for 41 days in 2022 and returned to play one more year for the Bucs.

Brady’s part ownership of the Raiders is pending approval via a vote by the NFL’s other 31 owners.

Tom Brady Explains Why He Chose the Raiders

While the “Tuck Rule” in a 2002 playoff win over the Raiders arguably launched Brady’s career, his connection to the team goes back further. He explained his decision to take on part ownership in the Raiders during a recent interview with The Associated Press.

“I grew up in the Bay Area. My favorite team was the 49ers. The team across the bay was the Raiders. And, you know, they’re an iconic NFL franchise,” Brady  told The Associated Press. “When I look at a lot of the people that have impacted the NFL over a long period of time in the most positive way, Al Davis is one of them. And he’s not with us anymore but I’ve heard incredible stories. And then the opportunity came about to become a minority owner in the Raiders, it was a dream come true for me.”

Brady won’t be calling any shots from a football standpoint though. He notably has an NFL broadcasting gig with FOX around the corner in 2024.

“I’ll be playing a very passive role,” Brady said. “This is something that I’m interested in doing for the rest of my life. This is not something that I’m into it for a year or two years.”

“You know, I’ve got a lot of responsibility with my Fox job, which I take very seriously,” Brady added. “But if I’m looking over the course of my life, to have the opportunity to be involved in the NFL is a dream come true. And if I could help the NFL and continue to contribute in a positive way, then you know, that’s been a very enjoyable part of my life.”

Tom Brady Reveals His Approach to Fatherhood

Brady might appear at Disney World with his children now that he’s retired, but he doesn’t believe in being a “Disney Dad”. He described his approach to parenting in the summer month during his interview with The Associated Press.

“It’s not the thing you want to hear when you get out of school after a long year, is to think about summer reading, but it’s our reality,” Brady said. “So, let’s think about where we’ve got to be when school starts and let’s work our way back and make sure that we’re not cramming here with the last week to go.”

“We’ll set aside some time,” Brady added. “But the kids have plenty of fun things ahead and we’ll make sure they cover their school bases and get away from it a little bit and allow them to be kids, too, because, you know, you only get to be a kid once.”