Stephon Gilmore Makes Odd Move on Social Media

Getty Stephen Gilmore

What’s going on?

New England Patriots star, Stephon Gilmore who was a constant inclusion in trade speculation throughout 2020, has mysteriously deleted all of his social media accounts.

Here is a snapshot of what’s left of his Twitter and Instagram profile pages.

As the Patriots are seemingly trying to position themselves to grab a franchise quarterback, many are wondering what this means. Is Gilmore shielding himself from a ton of online chatter as a trade involving him is imminent, or is this related to something else entirely?

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Gilmore Potentially Included in a Blockbuster Deal

The Patriots have been linked to trade rumors involving the Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz, who is believed to be on the move very soon. Wentz has a hefty contract (4 years, $128,000,000, Spotrac) which would suggest, the potential suitor for a trade might be inclined to send the Eagles a contract that might not be as expensive as Wentz’s deal but is attached to a more proven and productive player. In this case, that would be Gilmore.

In return, the Patriots would request more draft assets for taking on Wentz’s contract and giving up aging, but still top-notch player like Gilmore.

Philly was initially looking for a package similar to the one the Detroit Lions received for Matthew Stafford (Jared Goff, two first-round picks, and a third-round pick), however, it seems teams haven’t been as receptive to those terms (per the Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard) and the Eagles may be regrouping, while dropping their asking price.

In the end, the Eagles may end up emulating the other side of that deal. The Los Angeles Rams essentially gave up draft assets to encourage Detroit to take on Goff’s deal while also getting Stafford, the quarterback they believe can help them take the next step.

The only issue still remaining for the Eagles is finding their version of Stafford.

Can the Patriots Afford to Trade Gilmore?

The short and easy answer to that question is yes.

However, there are some conditions. First, J.C. Jackson has to prove he can be the kind of No. 1 cornerback that Gilmore has been for the Patriots.

After a slow start following his Defensive Player of the Year award in 2019, Gilmore still proved himself to be an above-average (1 INT and a 57% completion percentage against rate) corner in 2020.

He made his 4th Pro-Bowl, and even at the age of 30 and coming off an injury at the end of the 2020 season, Gilmore still has years of productivity in front of him. He also has the motivation to perform well in 2021 as he is set to be a free agent at the end of the year.

Jackson struggled at times against elite receivers. See his Week 16 matchup against the Buffalo Bills’ Stefon Diggs as a prime example.

Diggs lit Jackson and the Patriots up with 9 catches for 145 yards and three TDs.

Moving forward, Jackson must step up, and in turn, players like Johnathan Jones and Joejuan Williams must also elevate their performances to keep the Patriots from feeling the void.

There are a lot of ifs and buts in this concept, however, if the Patriots feel moving Gilmore is the best and quickest path to their next franchise quarterback, it’s worth it. If the Patriots pull the trigger on this sort of deal and they’re wrong about Wentz, it all falls apart.


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