Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Draw Funny Comparison

Getty Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Around this time of year, NFL fans are used to comparisons. Pro prospects are often likened to guys who are already in the NFL. However, Fox’s Colin Cowherd had an interesting comp for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

On Wednesday, Cowherd said, the Patriots with Belichick and Brady were like the pop singing group N’SYNC.

OK, that’s funny without any additional layers, but Cowherd took things to another level when he likened Brady to Justin Timberlake (the obvious star, most-talented member, and the most successful after the breakup) and relegated Belichick to Lance Bass (a secondary member who has had a hard time finding any level of success apart from N’SYNC).

Shots have most definitely been fired.

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Cowherd’s Quote

As usual, Cowherd didn’t hold back and didn’t attempt to spare anyone’s feelings in this epic rant that compares pop culture icons to Belichick and Brady.

Take a look:

When Justin Timberlake left NSYNC, Justin Timberlake flourished and NSYNC became irrelevant. When Beyonce left Destiny’s Child, Beyonce became a bigger star, and Destiny’s Child was not as newsworthy. Is that what we’re looking at here and Bill Belichick is Joey Fatone or Lance Bass with a hoodie? Maybe it’s The Beatles with Jon Lennon and Paul McCartney both having success, but it did take McCartney – Belichick – longer. In the eight years without Tom Brady, Belichick has had six losing seasons, and in the seventh, he didn’t make the playoffs. That’s Lance Bass with a whistle, that’s Joey Fatone with a hoodie. Tom Brady’s one season without Belichick is very ‘Timberlake’, it’s very ‘Beyonce’, and he’s in the Super Bowl. At this point, you can’t deny it… If Andy Reid wins this Super Bowl and then wins 2 or 3 more with Patrick Mahomes, do we view Belichick as the best ever? Andy Reid would have gone to 5 NFC Championships without Mahomes and would have gotten to a Super Bowl without Mahomes. Andy Reid would have won with 5 or 6 different quarterbacks. Belichick has won with ONE. Andy Reid has given Belichick more trouble than any coach, and Andy Reid, NOT Belichick is the best off the bye. Andy Reid is the only guy who can penetrate the impenetrable Belichick shield as the best coach ever. Timberlake flourished and Beyonce flourished, and we don’t talk NYSYC or Destiny’s Child. Are we going to be talking Belichick in ten years if he coaches four more years and THIS is what it is with Mac Jones leading the attack?

Entertaining, But Absurd

This whole thing is entertaining, but it’s pretty ridiculous. As I’ve written several times, dismissing Belichick’s involvement in the dynasty is just asinine.

Comparing a head coach to a quarterback is also pretty silly, but because this narrative has become one of the more interesting in sports, we’ll keep the conversation going for at least a few weeks, or as long as people like Cowherd keep delivering entertaining hot takes.

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