Tom Brady Issues Statement After Dad’s Comments About Bill Belichick

Getty Tom Brady

It’s going to be a long week of hype, speculation and quotes.

Ahead of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit to Gillette Stadium to fact the New England Patriots, we’re going to see coverage that’s almost akin to what comes with a postseason contest. Last week, Brady’s dad Tom Sr. was a guest on NBC Sports’ Tom E. Curran’s podcast.

The outspoken father of the future Hall-of-Famer didn’t hold back on his son’s former team and head coach. Brady Sr. said Belichick wanted his son “out the door.” He also said him and Tom Jr. felt some vindication after the latter led the Bucs to a Super Bowl championship last season.

That was the most pot-stirring comment we’ve heard from anyone connected to either side of this compelling story. What does Jr. think? Well, on his podcast, Let’s Go, the greatest quarterback in history issued an official statement on the matter.

Tom Brady Issues a Laughing-But-Serious Statement About His Dad’s Comments Toward the Patriots and Bill Belichick

During what proved to be a pretty quotable episode of the podcast, Brady said this about his dad’s comments:

I’ve actually prepared a statement that I wanted to say, and it’s really all that I have to say on the subject. Comments made by Thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance company CEO, who should know better at this point in his life, doesn’t necessarily reflect the views or positions held by his son, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. So furthermore, should Tom Sr. continue to speak out on behalf of his son without the express written consent, Tom Jr. reserves the right to eventually put him in a home against his will.

Obviously, Brady Jr. is joking about putting his dad in a home, but he’s probably legit tired of answering questions based on overzealous comments from his dad.

We’ve seen things like this before from family members of athletes. This situation just happens to be preceding one of the biggest regular season games in recent NFL history.

What Will the Final Score of the Week 4 Matchup Be?

While almost everyone is hoping to see a great game on Sunday night, all signs point to a comfortable win for the Bucs.

Tampa Bay is coming off a sobering loss to the undefeated Los Angeles Rams, but the Patriots were manhandled by the New Orleans Saints, and sit at 1-2 on the season. If you look at both the Patriots and the Bucs from a unit-by-unit standpoint, there really isn’t much of a comparison.

New England’s offensive line hasn’t played well, though it should get a boost from the expected return of Trent Brown.

Still, across almost every position, the Bucs appear to be superior, and that certainly includes quarterback where the Patriots are starting a rookie who was notably rattled during and after the loss to New Orleans. New England, I’m sorry, but this one could get ugly.


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