Eli Manning Has Hilarious Reaction to Nephew Arch Breaking His Record [LOOK]

Arch Manning Eli Manning

Getty Arch Manning surpassed his uncle Eli's high school passing yardage record on Friday.

Move over, Peyton and Eli. There’s a new Manning re-writing the record book at Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Arch Manning, who is a senior in high school and committed to the Texas Longhorns next year, surpassed two of his uncles’ school records on Friday night. Those were Eli Manning’s career passing yardage record (7,268 yards) and Peyton Manning’s career touchdown pass record (93), according to Hayes Fawcett of On3 Sports.

After learning that his record had been broken by his nephew, Eli provided a hilarious reaction on Twitter.

“But how many of those passing yards did he throw from under center?” the retired New York Giants quarterback wrote on Twitter. “I had 7,000!”

The game has changed a lot since Eli was in high school back in the late 1990s. From the NFL all the way down to the high school level, quarterbacks take a lot fewer snaps from under center than they did 20 years ago.

If you watch Arch Manning’s high school highlights, you’ll notice that he takes most of his snaps from the shotgun. The other thing you’ll notice is that he can run.

That’s not something you’ll see on either Peyton or Eli’s respective highlight reels — at any level.

Eli Has Made Jokes About Arch Manning Before

This is not the first time Eli Manning has capitalized on a viral Arch Manning moment by making a joke. Last summer, a video of Arch throwing at Clemson started making the rounds on social media and Eli delivered a simple, yet perfect, quote tweet.

“I taught him that,” Eli tweeted.

In all seriousness, having one uncle who’s already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (and another who’s likely to be inducted when he becomes eligible) must be a serious advantage for a high school quarterback like Arch.

The additional advantage of having Eli Manning as your uncle is that he can also give you advice on how to become a social media star. Eli joined Twitter two years ago, and his presence on the platform has helped him stay relevant even in retirement.

Arch may not need that kind of help, though. He’s batting 1.000 on Twitter, with just one tweet that has nearly 38,000 retweets and over 220,000 likes.

Maybe Arch can give Eli some pointers.

Here’s What Eli Manning Looked Like in High School

Arch Manning is one of the most hyped high school football prospects of all time, but Eli got his fair share of attention as well. Check out this old television segment on Eli Manning from back when he was only a sophomore in high school.

In the segment, Eli talked about the impact his family had on his playing style.

“They both taught me a lot,” Manning said, speaking of his father Archie and brother Peyton. “Just about throwing it, standing in the pocket. My dad was a runner. Peyton’s a, uh — kind of stay in the pocket, don’t have to run much. I stick with his theory. They both helped me out a lot. My dad kinda threw sidearm. I’ve stuck with Peyton. Kinda stay in the pocket and throw it with good mechanics.”