Jets Urged to Make Young QB Trade Call, Could Force Aaron Rodgers Deal

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Getty Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers getting ready for an NFL game.

A new potential option has emerged at quarterback for the New York Jets in 2023.

Rich Eisen listed the top five teams that should be making a trade call to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Trey Lance on Wednesday, April 19.

After he revealed the five teams that cracked the list, Eisen added a bonus team for consideration:

“Here is one more, so if I just said Trey Lance would be outstanding as an in-case of training camp emergency break glass option for a team that is currently waiting on their quarterback. If the Jets and the Packers have not made their trade yet. Laugh all you want [motioning to the rest of The Rich Eisen Show staff] if the sorry folks go into the training camp period and you want somebody that runs the system that [Robert] Saleh comes from the Shanahan system.

This is not in the top five but you need to if you’re Joe Douglas, just call them up. Say hey if the Packers are really going to dig in and really go through the draft and spring and say we don’t have to make a move until September 1 and we’ll just hamstring you Jets.

The leverage really swings back to us [Green Bay] when training camp season opens. Hey, how’s [Brock] Purdy feeling around early August? Oh, he feels good? He’s going to be your starter and [Sam] Darnold is going to be your backup? We’ll [the Jets] take Trey Lance. That alone might get [Brian] Gutekunst saying okay we don’t want to pay our guy $60 million. We will take whatever deal is on the table [from the Jets].”

2023 NFL Draft Is a Major Pivot Point for Jets and Packers

If this Rodgers-Jets-Packers trade doesn’t happen by the 2023 NFL draft then the rubber will truly meet the road.

At that moment Gang Green wouldn’t have the option to add a quarterback during the draft. This means with limited alternative options, the Jets would be stuck with Tim Boyle, Zach Wilson, and Chris Streveler heading into 2023.

None of which are that appealing as options to start next season.

Green Bay knowing that fun fact would allow them to hold all of the cards because the floating $59 million option on Rodgers’ contract doesn’t have to be exercised until September 1.

However, one way the Jets could put pressure on Green Bay is by exploring other legitimate options. As Eisen noted, Gang Green could place a trade call to San Francisco to inquire about Lance’s availability.

If New York followed through and acquired Lance, the Packers would then be stuck with Rodgers and his massive contract.

Green Bay has already turned the keys of the franchise over to Jordan Love. If they’re stuck with Rodgers that’ll complicate that transition and put the team in a major pickle heading into next season.

Pressure makes diamonds and that could also be the motivation that finally gets this trade done. We are currently at a standstill with no clear end in sight, Lance in a way could help accelerate the Rodgers’ trade discussions.

Trey Lance Could Be Interesting Jets Dart Throw

If the doomsday scenario arrives and somehow Rodgers doesn’t end up on the Jets in 2023, Lance wouldn’t be the worst place to pivot.

Eisen argued the Jets should place that trade call to legitimately kick the tires. Lance is 22 years of age and he will turn 23 before the start of the 2023 season.

While the former North Dakota State product is unproven, Saleh would have an inside scoop on the player from his ties with the 49ers organization.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said that it is “very clear” that Brock Purdy is going to be the main squeeze for the present and future of the 49ers.

With that being the case, Lance would become expendable as a trade piece this offseason. It’s unclear what his trade price would be on the open market but it can’t be much considering his limited track record in the NFL.

Make no mistake about it the ultimate goal for the Jets is to land Aaron Rodgers this offseason. However, every good general manager hopes for the best and prepares for the worst-case scenario.

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