Analyst Calls Out Jets Coaches for Keeping ‘Has-Been’ Players on Roster

Nathan Shepherd, Jets

Getty New York Jets defensive lineman Nathan Shepherd clapping after a big play.

Oh boy that was a tough weekend for the New York Jets.

Gang Green lost to the Cincinnati Bengals and now sits at 1-2 on the season as they look to finish off their vacation around the AFC North.

Before we get to that matchup versus the Pittsburgh Steelers it’s time to hear from our pair of experts: Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden Jr and Michael Obermuller on the latest happenings around the team.

Zach Wilson Time on 1 Jets Drive?

Jets Insider Will Parkinson reacts to Robert Saleh calling mistakes "crappy luck"Boy Green is joined by Jets Insider Will Parkinson to react to head coach Robert Saleh's strange comments about the team's mistakes + QB update + look ahead to #Steelers game! Make sure to like the video, hit subscribe, & support our sponsor for the program, Roshan Joshi: If are curious about real estate or…2022-09-26T19:50:46Z

1. Some fans have had hesitation with the thought of putting Zach Wilson in the lineup even if healthy this week due to OL issues, would you have any hesitation putting him back into the starting lineup?


No. Call it selfishness but I’m sick of watching Joe Flacco. Even the Week 2 victory was a bore for most of the game on offense until the final two drives.

Zach Wilson’s mobility should also help aid the offensive line’s weaknesses and how about running the ball for a change? That should keep the defense guessing more, rather than having opposing pass rushers tee off on a statue quarterback.

The creative Mike LaFleur that we saw during the second half of 2021 must return ASAP.

Boy Green:

No chance. At what point are you going to kick the bird out of the nest and see if he can fly?

You can’t bubble wrap him forever, if you make the offensive line excuse then it’ll be something else next week. It isn’t ideal circumstances but sometimes in life, you have to deal with less than favorable situations.

I’m playing Wilson when he’s healthy, if he is, he’s going in no other questions are needed.

2. With Zach Wilson set to make his 2022 season debut, what are fair expectations?


I’m not expecting a four-touchdown performance but I think any Jet fan would get behind a competent effort where the offense moves the ball with a mix of the run and the pass. Half of that just requires hand-offs from Wilson!

More importantly, I want to see him play without fear — of reinjury and the spotlight. To elaborate, I don’t want Wilson afraid to use his legs or take a hit and I don’t want him shying away from that playmaker mentality either.

Play smart, but play to win. Most of all, take control of this offense over the next few weeks.

Boy Green:

Wise words from my handsome colleague.

Wilson has to believe that his knee is 100 percent or that’ll take away what makes him so special. My expectations aren’t All-Pro level, but they also aren’t just surviving. This is the season opener for him, outside of the preseason injury he is coming into this game as fresh as anyone can be.

I expect Wilson to go out there and move around. He has an eclectic arm, improvisational skills, and I believe he will provide a much-needed spark to this offense.

Flacco is a freaking dinosaur out there and it’s time to smash the upgrade button to a competent young quarterback that can make a play when the team needs one.

Biggest Problems With the Jets and a Steelers Prediction

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3. What is the biggest issue you have with the Jets right now three weeks into the 2022 season?


The biggest issue I have with this team and coaching staff is their loyalty to certain players. I harped on it during the cutdown but why keep Nathan Shepherd or Ty Johnson? Why bring back has-beens like Lamarcus Joyner and Vinny Curry?

Not only are these guys liabilities on the field, but they also took roster spots from more promising talents. Experience is nice and all but when that experience makes mistake after mistake, you might as well go with the rookie.

Head coach Robert Saleh said it himself, younger players will make mistakes too but at least they have a chance at “unstoppable explosiveness.”

Boy Green:

Okay, there is some fire Michael! You love to see it.

As Obermuller alluded to, there is a ton of directions to go with this. I guess I’ll go with one item that is just super annoying the utilization of Elijah Moore.

Whey in the bloody hell on 4th and five are we throwing up a go ball to the outside to a smaller wide receiver in double maybe triple coverage? Moore is good, but that isn’t his bag baby.

Get this man in the slot and get him going with some easy completions. That’ll get your offense moving and grooving plus that’ll get your talented wide receiver into the gameplan. So many times he was wide open in the Bengals game, but Flacco couldn’t get him the ball.

He is just too damn talented to be marginalized in this way. Moore has been really solid and has made some plays, but he should be way more then that.

4. Which player has been the most overrated/overpaid/overdrafted (pick whatever fits your player choice) that we thought would be bigger contributors than they actually are so far this year?


Based on this question, keep in mind that a low-expectation player like a Joyner or Shepherd does not fit the mold. Having said that, there are literally so many ways I can go with this answer.

Ever since hiring Saleh, general manager Joe Douglas has drafted pretty well but his free-agent spending has been hit or miss — and there have been a lot of misses.

This year, safety Jordan Whitehead has been a major disappointment so far. He had a terrible outing in Week 3 with a blown tackle on the 56-yard touchdown and a dropped interception off a tipped ball. His chemistry and awareness in coverage have not been good either.

In a broader sense, you could say edge rusher Carl Lawson, who has done most of his best work during training camp and OTAs.

Boy Green:

Whitehead wasn’t overpaid really, $14.5 million is relative chump change compared to the other safeties that got paid this offseason. However, the talk around town is he would be a stabilizing force on the backend and he has been anything but.

The sure tackler has been blowing assignments, miscommunications left and right, and it has been an utter disaster.

The cornerbacks have been great, but the rotting corpse at safety has really marginalized their impact.

5. The Jets round out their competition with the AFC North with a road trip to Pittsburgh. Who comes out on top and wins in this battle in the steel city? (score prediction please and explanation) Boy Green is 1-2 on the year, Michael is 2-1


I promised you I’d do it eventually and that day has come! Picking against the Jets has worked out pretty well for me but for the first time all year I’m taking Gang Green.

Again, I picked the schedule before the season and I had Weeks 2 and 4 as wins (only I switched Week 2 incorrectly after seeing Flacco in the opener). I’d be 3-0 if I stuck with my preseason picks! Anyway, after watching three weeks of NFL action, I still believe the Jets can beat the Steelers — especially without star pass rusher T.J. Watt.

Most times, this Jets team beats themselves. Against Mitch Trubisky and Pittsburgh, mistake-free football WILL get the dub, I guarantee it.

Rally around Wilson’s return and continue that road warrior mentality in the Steel City. Jets win 26-20.

Boy Green:

Way to finally jump on the bandwagon Michael! Although I suppose record wide it has worked out for you so far.

Anywho I’m picking the Jets in this one. Despite the ugly, we saw against the Bengals, the team is still 1-2 with a chance to go to 2-2. Who wouldn’t have signed up for that before the season?

Trubisky stinks and if the Jets can just be competent on offense they should be able to win a close contest. The return of Wilson should provide some juice and I hope the Jets go back to running the football. I’ll take the green and white winning this one 25-20 over the Steelers.

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