Analyst Makes Strong QB Plea to Jets Front Office: ‘This Is Your Best Chance’

Zach Wilson, Mike White

Getty New York Jets quarterbacks working out during training camp.

The offseason has officially begun for each of the 32 NFL teams with the Super Bowl coming to a close on Sunday, February 12.

That means it is finally the New York Jets’ time of the year to shine. Our two experts Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden Jr and Michael Obermuller dig through the latest rumors and nuggets.

Could Be Time to Hit the Eject Button for a Jets Draft Pick

1. Name a New York Jets player that is under contract in 2023 that you are ready to give up on?


Ouch. Tough one but I’m going to say cornerback Bryce Hall. I was a huge fan of his heading into the 2022 offseason but the front office surprised me by signing D.J. Reed Jr. and drafting Sauce Gardner back-to-back. This relegated Hall to the CB4 role behind nickel Michael Carter II, but it didn’t take long for him to drop to CB5 behind Brandin Echols as a healthy scratch most weeks.

During year four of his rookie contract, Hall’s cap hit jumps from $974K to $2.82 million, and the once-promising prospect doesn’t appear to thrive in the sporadically used backup role. I’d flip him for a late-round pick before the draft, if possible, or cut him as a cap casualty if it comes to that.

In a similar vein, I’m ready to give up on fellow 2020 draft-mate Ashtyn Davis, who has a similar cap situation as Hall in 2023.

Boy Green:

This is a tough question to answer because I’m all about second chances and seeing the glass half-full.

In theory, it should be easy to give up on guys like Zach Wilson, Laken Tomlinson, or other names because they haven’t performed. However, it is much more difficult when holding the knife in your hands.

With that in mind, it’s time to hit the eject button on several draft picks that have worn out their welcome. MO mentioned a few in Hall and Davis, but it might be the end of the road for Denzel Mims.

A new offensive staff coming in could give the former Baylor product new life but it seems like we’ve tried this song and dance before of getting revved up only to be disappointed with the results.

2. Derek Carr has told the Las Vegas Raiders that he won’t accept a trade anywhere which will force his release this week. If you had a chance to give him a pitch to either visit or sign with the Jets what would it be?


Simple. Of the interested parties, this is your best chance to win a Super Bowl.

I’ll admit, the road to the playoffs might be easier in a division like the NFC South, and maybe New Orleans or Tampa Bay fits Carr’s personality more than New York, but neither of those teams is a serious championship contender.

If Carr wants to compete for the Super Bowl over the next three to five years, he should choose the young core that the Jets have built.

Boy Green:

Take a look at the Jets roster and compare it to any other possibility this offseason. There is no comparison.

The Raiders consistently had a poor defense during his run as the signal caller which put a tremendous amount of pressure on him on a week-to-week basis to deliver or else.

On the Jets he wouldn’t have to be Superman, all he would have to be is competent with sprinkles of above-average play. If he could contribute that with all the skill talent the Jets have on offense paired with their defense, Gang Green would have a chance to truly go on a run.

If that isn’t compelling enough, I’m not sure what is.

In this answer, we’re making a plea to Carr, but I’ll also make a strong plea to the Jets’ front office. Make sure you have your quarterbacks stacked properly because you don’t want to miss a diamond in the rough like Carr. Don’t take him for granted.

He’s no Aaron Rodgers, but he would be a massive upgrade for the Jets.

3. The New York Jets have called the Green Bay Packers about an Aaron Rodgers trade. What do you believe the initial trade offer will be (or was) from general manager Joe Douglas and where will they ultimately end up from a price point perspective?


There’s no way Douglas offers two first-round picks — the initial rumored price for Rodgers. I’m not even sure he’d offer one first-rounder out of the gates.

The Jets GM is known as a tough negotiator when it comes to trades, so I’ll say his first offer is two second-round picks. Ultimately, I could see Gang Green giving up a conditional first based on Rodgers starting a certain amount of games and perhaps, the Jets making the Divisional Round of the playoffs — or some sort of agreement that he’ll play in 2024.

Boy Green:

As any good general manager would do I bet he shot low. I won’t quite say a lowball offer because you don’t want to insult another team because that could end the conversation from going any further.

We have discussed a few different potential trade packages this offseason. One that could be at the very least interesting to start is the conditional-based package we wrote about here.

To protect yourself include conditions that are built around future playing time and/or potential ascension throughout the playoffs. The further you go, the higher the draft pick as an example.

Ultimately with all of the pressure of the market, I believe this could get crazy and Douglas is under the gun to win in 2023.

Prediction Time for the Jets in 2023

4. Give me a prediction: who will be the backup quarterback for the Jets in 2023?


Some believe that the Jets will sign a veteran starter AND a veteran backup if they end up with someone like Jimmy Garoppolo, but I think they have a little more faith in Zach Wilson than the New York media admits.

I’ll say Wilson is the backup, considering his cap situation and his larger hit as a top-five selection. Personally, I have more trust in the former first-rounder than most fans do, and I’d be very happy with a small QB room of Aaron Rodgers and Wilson, or even something like Garoppolo and Wilson.

Boy Green:

I made a case for Blake Bortles with his scheme familiarity and low cost semi-recently and I believe that still makes a ton of sense.

At this point, I think with the money that is going to be invested at other positions I have to go with Zach Wilson. It doesn’t seem financially feasible that he could be QB3, that would be too much money invested.

Hopefully, Wilson is paired with a proven durable star at quarterback so he won’t have to get thrown back into the mix until he’s ready.

5. Who is a player that you would openly recruit to the New York Jets this offseason whether it be in free agency, trade market, or the 2023 NFL draft?


Admittedly, this is probably a pipe dream considering the Jets are about to pay Quinnen Williams big money in an extension, but after watching the Super Bowl I would love to swipe game-wrecker DT Javon Hargrave from the Philadelphia Eagles.

With Sheldon Rankins, Solomon Thomas, and Nathan Shepherd all set to hit free agency, Gang Green needs a number two D-tackle, and Hargrave is one of the best in the business. Having him and Williams side-by-side with John Franklin-Myers and Jermaine Johnson II on the edge would be absolutely lethal.

Hargrave is a free agent, and if you cut Carl Lawson and backload Williams’ cap hit into the latter years of an extension, you might be able to get this done and solidify this NYJ defensive line as a top-three unit in the NFL.

Boy Green:

I’d love to talk about some players in a variety of spots at safety, linebacker, and obviously on the offensive line.

However, the straw that stirs the drink is the quarterback position. The Jets need to solve that issue first and then everything else will fall into place.

I’ll make this as blunt as possible I want Rodgers. He’s crazy, a little strange, but super talented. Rodgers would immediately become the most decorated quarterback in franchise history and there isn’t a close second.

Whether it’s darkness or odd press conferences I’ll take all of that and some if he’s winning ball games.

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