Jets Fans Erupt Over Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson New Rumors

Garrett Wilson, Jets

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson cracking a smile during an NFL game.

The New York Jets and Green Bay Packers still haven’t completed a trade for Aaron Rodgers at the time of publication.

However, that hasn’t stopped both sides from skirting the rules to get some work in. Last week, Jets wideout Allen Lazard was spotted working out with Rodgers on social media.

This week the latest rumors have connected the dots between Offensive Rookie of the Year Garrett Wilson and Rodgers.

Cali Jets on Twitter shared a screenshot from Wilson’s Instagram account and provided some context:

“Garrett Wilson working out at Palisades High School here in SoCal. Just a 15-minute drive from Malibu, perhaps getting a workout in with Aaron Rodgers & Allen Lazard?”

Social Media Loses Its Mind Over Garrett Wilson-Aaron Rodgers Rumors

One Twitter user said, “O s*** he definitely going to have 1,500 yard[s] this season.”

Jets analyst Joe Caporoso told former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to “dust off the Jets West gear.”

During the offseason when Sanchez was still with the Jets he used to fly his teammates out to California so they could all work out together.

Other Twitter users attempted to peer pressure Cali Jets to be a “detective and drive over there” so he can get some more information.

As the kids say, photos or it didn’t happen.

One social media user gave props to Jets Twitter saying, “undercover agent legend lives.”

Throughout recent history Jets’ Twitter has gone to great lengths to get additional information that seemingly other fan bases haven’t been willing to go to.

Another fan said sarcastically that this is “purely a coincidence I’m sure.”

NFL analyst Will Parkinson jokingly poked at the “leverage” debate between the Jets and Packers Twitter over this Rodgers trade situation.

Joey Jets on Twitter simply said, “woah” to the possibility that Wilson and Rodgers are hooking up building chemistry this offseason.

A Beneficial Jets Loophole in Delayed Aaron Rodgers Trade Talks

If Aaron Rodgers isn’t traded to the Jets by the start of offseason training programs on Monday April 17, obviously he can’t attend.

However, there is nothing stopping Rodgers from hosting several Jets players in California for his own organized workouts.

We already saw that earlier this week with Lazard and potentially with Wilson. If this trade process continues to drag out it’ll be a unique way for Rodgers to build chemistry with his new teammates, even if technically he isn’t on the team yet.

Gang Green has preached patience throughout this process. Head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas both said at the NFL’s annual league meetings that they’re in no rush to get this thing done.

Of course, the Jets brass would like this deal done as soon as possible in theory, but this has transformed into a cat-and-mouse game with the Packers. Who is going to blink first?

The true test will be when the 2023 NFL draft arrives on April 27.

The secret sauce to the Jets’ confidence in the patience approach is two-fold. One the players can meet on their own and get some work in together. Secondly, it is what Saleh said at the league meetings.

He couldn’t speak directly because of tampering rules, but he hinted that if a veteran quarterback they acquired had familiarity with Nathaniel Hackett’s offense it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if he missed some time.

Cough, cough Aaron Rodgers.

With his prior knowledge and success in that system, Rodgers doesn’t need all of the time to learn the playbook because he already knows it. That also takes a little less pressure off the Jets to get this deal done quickly at the potential cost of additional draft capital.

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