Jets Blamed for Blowing Competition: ‘Had a Good Thing Going’

Greg Zuerlein, Jets

Getty New York Jets placekicker Greg Zuerlein going through warmups.

Nobody likes to lose, especially in Week 1.

Yet that is the reality the New York Jets are facing after a 24-9 defeat in the season opener versus the Baltimore Ravens. Before we move on to next week fully, we have a full mailbag talking past, present, and future.

Our experts, Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden Jr and Michael Obermuller vent on a variety of issues, talk about some promise, and drop some juicy predictions.

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Robert Saleh Serving Moral Cookies?

1. Do you take any moral cookies away from the Baltimore Ravens’ loss in Week 1?


I don’t know if I’d describe it that way but I went into the game with a realistic mindset. In my official 2022 picks before Week 1, I had the Ravens winning the Super Bowl, so you could say I think they’re a pretty good team.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well the defense held them in the first half despite getting no help from the other side of the ball. It was a rainy day and that made things tough on both passing attacks but the Mike LaFleur’s guys have to figure his system out before midseason (which is how long it took last year).

The defensive improvements and the play of the rookie class were my “moral cookies.”

Boy Green:

The idea of moral cookies is a loser’s mentality.

It’s time to win some gosh darn football games. However, with that being said there are several things to look at from Michael Carter reiterating his presence, to Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner balling out, but ultimately it’s time to put up points.

2. How disconcerting is the Duane Brown situation moving forward and will Gang Green ever catch a break?


The Brown injury was crisis mode, except we’re so used to it that it doesn’t even feel like it anymore. That’s the numbness of being a Jets fan setting in.

I didn’t focus too much on Max Mitchell, in particular, yesterday but I can tell you that the entire OL did not pass protect very well. Joe Flacco didn’t help by holding the ball at times, but the whole situation was a mess, as is the one at OT.

If Mitchell doesn’t improve and Brown doesn’t return, I’m nervous about the rookie blocking for Zach Wilson.

Boy Green:

I don’t know about you but my eyebrow was raised when Saleh said we hope to get Brown back this season. Right now the earliest he can return is the Week 5 home game versus the Miami Dolphins.

No Jets fans can never have nice things, dems da rules as the kids say. To think this guy was signed to a multi-year deal to help protect us and before he can ever suit up for a game he goes down like a used lawn chair. It’s just tough to believe all of this is real.

Joe Flacco Not Great, Wrong Decisions?

3. Straight up: did the Jets make the wrong decision at placekicker this offseason? Greg Zuerlein missed a field goal and an extra point while conversely, Eddy Pineiro made all four of his kicking attempts


You already know my answer. I’ve been on the Pineiro train since it first entered the station in 2021. He’s a young former high-end prospect that only lost his initial job because of injury.

The Jets did what they always do, they were meddling when they had a good thing going. Joe Douglas might as well be Freddie Jones with coach Saleh as Velma Dinkley.

With New York, Pineiro was “Eddy Money” and did not miss a single field goal last year, and yet they thought to themselves, let’s replace him! Watch him go on to become a Pro Bowler like Jason Myers —- he’s already well on his way going four for four in Week 1.

Boy Green:

As much as I’d like to have the Monday morning quarterback approach here and say obviously they blew it. I wouldn’t be truthful if those are the words I spit today.

I was legitimately concerned about the limited sample size of Pineiro. He didn’t kick in 2020 and 2019 was his rookie campaign. While he was perfect for the Jets in 2021, it was a small sample size.

Bringing in legitimate competition is never a bad thing and you just have to hope the veteran can figure it out. Bluntly this is a frustrating situation that has plagued this organization for seemingly decades, hopefully, it works out.

4. What did you see from Joe Flacco in his debut? There were a few chants for Mike White in the stadium, would you even consider a QB change?


Flacco was poor and I’m not a huge Mike White fan but if that’s the result from the veteran, sure I’d give the kid a shot.

The only purpose of playing Flacco is that you believe he gives you a better chance to win and right now, I think a cardboard dummy might have Joe beat. The accuracy and decision-making were JV level at times. I mean, what happened to the red hot Flacco from training camp?

It might sound crazy, but I’m actually more interested in the idea of Chris Streveler playing based on his mobility, but it will never happen, unfortunately.

Boy Green:

I was in the stadium and I heard those chants loud and clear. I’m open to any decision that’ll help this football team. However, I thought the Jets moved the ball actually pretty well versus the Ravens, being there in person.

They just couldn’t finish drives and that is a key reason why the Jets lost in the season opener. Similar to the sentiment on social media, I’m always willing to adapt depending on the situation but I’m not quite willing to jump after one bad day at the office.

5. Predict Jets vs. Browns, including the score. does Gang Green bounce back with a W? MO (1-0), Boy Green (0-1) we’ll be keeping track of our weekly Jets prediction records:


I already picked the schedule as I mentioned in question one, and I had Gang Green stealing this one in Cleveland. But that was before I saw the two teams play yesterday.

The Browns looked like a well-oiled machine without Deshaun Watson, using their running backs (Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt) to wreak havoc. Plus the Jets are notoriously bad at guarding RBs out of the backfield despite their performance in Week 1.

I really want to pick the Jets here but I don’t think I can knowing the uncertainty at quarterback and the matchup issues. Browns win 18-13, dropping the Green & White to 0-2.

Boy Green:

Now that MO has gone on the other side, we have a chance to tie each other heading into Week 3.

There is no way in hell the Jets can lose to freaking Jacoby Brissett. I get it the Browns’ defense is really good, they have a dynamic running game, and this contest is on the road. However, I’m done with the excuses it’s time to make something happen.

This is a game where the Jets’ defense has to assert its dominance and give the offense some short field to work with by creating some turnovers. I think they do that and Gang Green wins an ugly game 22-18 over the Browns on the road.

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