Joe Namath Destroys Jets QB Zach Wilson, Wants Him Traded

Joe Namath, Jets

Getty New York Jets legend Joe Namath reacting in the middle of pre-game.

Joe Namath expressed some displeasure on social media on Sunday September 24 regarding the performance of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

He took that to another level during a follow up interview on “The Michael Kay Show” on Monday September 25.

“No, I didn’t take anything positive out of yesterday’s [performance by Wilson], it was awful,” Namath said on ESPN 98.7 in New York.

The hosts followed up by asking Namath why did he feel that way?

He incredulously asked, “Why? Were you watching? You sit down? You sit down on the play, you go right down? What happened I thought you were trying to win and make plays? You quit on a play? What is going on? It’s disgusting.”

Namath was referencing a play during the game against the New England Patriots in Week 3 when Wilson decided to fall down and give up the sack instead of trying to keep the play alive.

The hosts then asked Namath if he was handed Wilson and was asked to make him better, what would he do?

After a multi-second pause Namath said he’d trade Wilson away:

“Send him to Kansas City to back up someone like [Patrick] Mahomes. Maybe he’d learn something. I wouldn’t keep him,” Namath said emphatically. “I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson, alright? I’ve seen enough. The guy has quick feet, can throw a little bit, but I don’t believe what’s going on up there [pointing to his head].”

Namath’s Anger Directed at Several Levels of the Jets Organization

Wilson seemed to be the biggest source of Namath’s anger during the interview, but he wasn’t the only one that caught heat.

The former Alabama star also looked at Jets’ management and the coaching staff.

“How can the coach say the locker room is together? How many teams have we been on? Are you telling me there aren’t some cats on the defensive side saying woah man what’s wrong with you? It is not all harmony in the locker room and if there is they need to get rid of the people. You gotta get people in there that are competitors and wanna fight to win,” Namath exclaimed. “These guys don’t have to be in love with each other. If they are saying they are in love with each other they’re BSing you and you gotta get rid of them top to bottom.”

Namath said it’s time for ownership to make some changes.

“I think from the top to the bottom. From general manager to the head coach down through the system, the way they’re running it, it needs change.”

Near the end of the interview the show hosts told Namath that they have never heard him “this angry” and asked if this was the lowest point for him as a fan of this team?

“… I think so. I think so. I hate losing, we as the fans hate losing, I’ve been on teams that have lost and it stinks!

These players don’t like losing, they’re trying, meantime the coaching are they getting good coaching? I don’t know it doesn’t appear like they are.

I see running backs who want to run the ball more & they’re getting into arguments on the sidelines with coaches. Hey, something is up that the players aren’t happy with the way they’re getting coached.”

Top Social Media Reactions to Namath Blowing His Top on Jets

Rich Eisen posted on X previously Twitter that, “Zach Wilson has broken Joe Namath.”

The Jet Press account said, “Joe Namath offered to unretire his No. 12 for Aaron Rodgers just five months ago. Today, he went scorched earth on Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh, and the entire organization. The Jets really broke that man.”

Connor Hughes of SNY said, “I didn’t have ‘Jets lose Joe Namath in Week 3’ on my bingo card.”

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