Jets ‘Had Conversations’ With Super Bowl QB, Trade Talks Heating Up

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh walking the sideline during an NFL game.

Things are heating up on the quarterback front for the New York Jets.

According to longtime NFL media personality Trey Wingo, veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Gang Green “had conversations” and “he is open to the idea” of going to New York.

Breaking Down What That Could Mean for a Jets-Packers Trade

The only way that Wingo’s report could be accurate is if the Green Bay Packers granted the Jets permission to speak with Rodgers or that would be tampering.

With all of the complicating variables in a potential trade, Green Bay granting permission for the Jets to speak with him makes a lot of sense.

How long is he committed to playing? What will they do with his massive contract? Does he even want to play in New York?

The answer to all of those questions will drastically affect the trade compensation from the Jets to the Packers.

Andrew Brandt a longtime Packers executive explained some of that on Twitter including a key piece of the contract situation.

“If a Rodgers trade is in the works, probably a lot of moving parts beyond what trade compensation. Issue of how much, if any, of Rodgers $60 million will be paid by the Packers. The more they pay, the better draft picks they get back.”

ESPN NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler explained that concept on the Monday, March 6 edition of Get Up.

“I don’t get the sense that the Jets want to take on the $58 million plus give up the draft capital. Green Bay can facilitate a trade by paying some of that money.”

Some New Details Emerging on Aaron Rodgers Potential Trade to Jets

Packers ESPN Reporter Rob Demovsky joined Cheesehead TV to break down the latest with the Rodgers situation.

During that chat, he spoke to someone who would be “in the know” at the NFL Combine. Demovsky said I sure hope something happens at the end of next week [March 10, 11, 12 range] and the source responded, “oh I wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier than that.”

The other interesting part of Demovsky’s report is from talking to people in Indianapolis.

“Woody Johnson is desperate for relevancy. I’ve talked to some people out there that said he [Woody] wants him [Rodgers] bad.”

We will see how badly he wants him because the pressure cooker has only gotten hotter.

With Derek Carr heading to the New Orleans Saints, that is one less option for the Jets to consider. In theory that puts the Packers in a better position because that could make the Jets more desperate to do whatever it takes to land Rodgers.

If A-Rod decides to retire or stay in Green Bay, all of a sudden the Jets could be in a complete free fall as they search for their next QB1. They would either have to wait for free agency on March 15 or potentially get desperate with the Lamar Jackson franchise tag situation.

After a lot of waiting around it seems that things are moving and grooving in the quarterback market for the NFL in 2023.

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