Rex Ryan Delivers Fiery Response Ahead of Jets-Patriots Game

Rex Ryan, Patriots

Getty Former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan reacting after a matchup versus the New England Patriots.

Longtime NFL coach Rex Ryan still has New York Jets blood running through his veins.

During his weekly radio appearance on “Bart and Hahn”, Ryan was asked about the bitter rivalry between Gang Green and the New England Patriots.

“I ain’t going to tip-toe around this one, no chance, this is the reality I would want this game more than any of them and that’s the truth,” Ryan explained on ESPN 98.7 in New York.

“They [the Patriots] act like they’re better than you and that pisses me off beyond belief.”

Ryan said New England viewed the Jets as a “little brother” during his run there and that’s why it was “so satisfying to kick their ass in the playoffs.”

Ryan Is Saying What Everyone Is Thinking Ahead of Jets-Patriots

Ryan hasn’t been employed by the Jets since 2014, that was nine years ago.

Despite that time away from each other, Ryan still considers himself a part of Jets Nation. When you hear him in interviews, like the weekly one he does on ESPN Radio, he uses the term “we” when talking about the Jets.

He knows that this biannual matchup between the Jets and Patriots is absolutely not just another game.

However, if you listen to most of the players and coaching staff currently on the team they would sell you a bill of goods that this is simply another contest.

Breece Hall said it’s “just another game” to the media on Thursday, September 21.

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked about the Patriots’ streak or Jets’ drought depending on your perspective and he said we can’t worry about that.

“I don’t know if 90% of the locker room was in there for maybe two of these losses,” Saleh said via Eric Allen. “I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make, it’s acknowledged, it’s appreciated, we understand, but we’ve got to move on. This is the 2023 Jets, and the focus is on today and finding ways to continue to get better, so we can put our best foot forward on Sunday, and that’s all you can focus on.”

That is what the players and coaches are supposed to say. It’s the politcally correct thing to do and that strategy should avoid giving the Patriots any potential bulletin board material ahead of Sunday’s game.

However, Ryan continuing to say things like that will endear him to a fan base that still yearns for the glory days of going to back-to-back AFC title games under his leadership in 2009 and 2010.

Ryan Begs the Jets to Change Things up on Offense

Jets-Patriots comments weren’t the only thing Ryan had to say during his media availability this week.

He also begged the Jets to change up their offensive game plan so they could feature Garrett Wilson on a more consistent basis.

“We have a receiver that is as good as anyone in the league. This kid is an absolute beast. Well, we gotta find ways to get him isolated the way others are,” Ryan explained.

He then pointed to other teams in the league that are finding ways to get their top wideouts the ball.

“Don’t tell me well he’s the only guy we’ve got, so what? Amon-Ra St. Brown is the only guy Detroit has. Cooper Kupp is the only guy the Rams had until this new kid showed up. Justin Jefferson with the Vikings. I don’t care, they always get the football,” Ryan argued on Thursday, September 21. “We gotta be doing the same thing with Garrett Wilson. I get it he was targeted about 8 times [against the Cowboys], well he needs to be targeted 18 times. Anytime the ball is in the air it needs to be going to him.”

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