Jets’ Robert Saleh Receives Wild Postgame Call From Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Robert Saleh

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh and former United States President Donald Trump.

The New York Jets are getting a lot of roses thrown at their feet for their unbelievable upset win over the Cleveland Browns.

Gang Green is now 1-1 on the season after winning their first game in the month of September in over four years. With that in mind, the team has earned a ton of national praise although none bigger than the surprising phone call that head coach Robert Saleh received after the dub.

Donald Trump Gave Robert Saleh a Phone Call

During a rally in North Carolina former United States President, Donald Trump got a little off track and decided to provide a recap for the Jets-Browns Week 2 game.

That wasn’t even the craziest thing, as a matter of fact, Trump revealed that after the game he jumped on his phone to make an important call:

“That was the craziest thing and I called the coach [Robert Saleh] because I think the coach is like a great guy, the general manager too. I said coach, you are greater than Vince Lombardi because Vince Lombardi never did that. He was never able to pull out a game like that because that was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The game was done it was over.”

I’m going, to be honest, a former President of the United States calling up the Jets head coach isn’t something I had on the bingo card heading into 2022, but here we are.

Trump did seem to blur a few key details during his recap at the beginning of his speech regarding a fumble, the time left in the contest, and some level of a field goal being missed.

However, the point of the story somehow broke through that Saleh is the second coming of one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history. So he has that going for him.

The Next Step in the Jets, Robert Saleh’s Evolution

This upcoming home tilt against the Cincinnati Bengals is an important contest. I know hashtag analysis right?

The Jets haven’t won much over the last 11 years and when they have the team hasn’t handled it very well. What has happened in recent memory is after a Jets win, the team celebrates it like it’s the Super Bowl, then the following game they lay a massive egg.

The receipts and turning around the culture aren’t going to mean diddly if the Jets go and get blown out by the Bengals in front of their home fans.

This is a vulnerable Cincinnati team that is limping in at 0-2. The story around the NFL is the Bengals are desperate, but so should the Jets.

Gang Green hasn’t won back-to-back games since 2020 (those were their only wins that season). You have to go back even further to find two wins in the same season in the month of September (that was 2015).

The Jets have an opportunity to send a loud and clear message to the rest of the league that they aren’t playing around if they can beat the Bengals. It isn’t an impossible task by any means, if you squint the Jets have several mismatch advantages within the game that should put them in a good position.

However, even beyond the field, this is a measuring stick opportunity to really find out how far the Jets have come under this Saleh regime.

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Paul Cusumano
Paul Cusumano
8 months ago

Maybe he will call back and tell the coach to put Mike White in, that is the only way the Jets have a chance

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