Jets Called on to Fire Head Coach Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh making a call during an NFL game.

The New York Jets are off to a 1-2 start to the 2022 season.

While ownership didn’t deliver a playoff mandate, there was an expectation that this team would take a legitimate step forward.

So far fans are extremely disappointed with the results and that has led to many of them calling for head coach Robert Saleh’s job just a month into the season.

Jets Fans Are Ready to Move on From Robert Saleh

Tzvi Machlin suggested the best time to fire Saleh was after Week 1. The second best time is right this very moment. If he hasn’t been fired by then, perhaps after “Mitchell Trubisky plays the best game of his career” when the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Jets in Week 4.

A popular take by Jets fans on social media features a potential swapping of the guard. Fans have called for the team to fire Robert Saleh to then turn around and offer former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton “whatever he wants.”

Twitter user 45mj23.eth also said he’d be willing to fire GM Joe Douglas if Payton wanted to be the general manager too:

Slam Central Station said one of the biggest reasons Saleh should be canned is because his defense is “swiss cheese” and emphatically said it’s “time to fire his ass.”

Robert Saleh Has Dropped the Ball With the Media/Fans

Through 20 games Saleh has a 5-15 record as the Jets’ head coach. Technically one of those wins is owned by Jets tight end coach Ron Middleton who stepped in for Saleh last year when he had COVID.

So obviously he hasn’t won enough games to quench the thirst of the fan base but on top of that, he has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way during press conferences.

Last year he had a positive outlook on Mekhi Becton following his injury, then he never returned. This year he hinted that Zach Wilson could be ready for the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens and then seemingly out of nowhere said he was out until at least Week 4.

Most recently Saleh blamed the Jets’ backbreaking mistakes and miscommunications issues on “crappy luck.” Additionally, Saleh said every NFL team has “6 to 7” miscommunications every game and it simply “it is what it is.”

He said that eventually, those will disappear into thin air once the team gets more reps together.

That enraged the fan base because Saleh seemed to shrug his shoulders as it pertains to accountability. The fans wanted to hear the head coach say those kinds of mistakes are unacceptable and we have to fix them as soon as possible.

So far the Jets are only three games into a very long 17-game season. Ownership isn’t the type to fire coaches mid-season, they have never done it before, so despite public outcry, it is unlikely to come to fruition.

However, with Zach Wilson back at quarterback, there is once again hope in the air that things can turn around. If he can become THE guy at quarterback, then all will be right in the world. If he can’t, then this could be a very dark season for the green and white.

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