Jets’ Thomas Morstead Rejected Other NFL Teams After Getting Cut: Exclusive

Thomas Morstead, Jets

Getty New York Jets punter Thomas Morstead getting himself ready ahead of an NFL game.

Thomas Morstead is committed.

The New York Jets punter joined me on “The Boy Green Show” on Friday September 8 and shared some exclusive behind the scenes details on his surprising release earlier this offseason.

On August 29, Gang Green revealed its initial 53-man roster, and it did not include Morstead, the only punter who was on the team.

As a vested veteran, Morstead wasn’t subject to waivers and was free to sign with any NFL team the moment his release became official.

Morstead told me that “a few other teams did call.” However, he always planned on returning to the team.

“Look I’m committed to being here and I felt pretty strongly that they [the Jets] were going to sign me back,” Morstead told me on “The Boy Green Show.”

Morstead Reveals Additional Details on Conversation With the Jets

Morstead said he didn’t get a “long heads up” by the Jets that they were planning on cutting him.

“They just told me that’s what they were going to do and that’s what they did.”

However, there was essentially a gentleman’s agreement between both parties that hey we are going to cut you, but we plan on bringing you back after doing some other roster moves.

“Yeah, I mean I’m not going to comment on you know what their intentions were because I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but I was fairly confident that I was going to get signed back.

There [are] all sorts of rigamarole that goes on. Basically, the intent behind the rule is if you have a kid that is not vested in the league so he’s three years or less and maybe he’s hurt, and they don’t want to lose him for the year if they don’t keep him on the roster, they have to waive him as injured, and another team can claim him. That’s not a good deal.

Yeah, I think there’s definitely an advantage to being a vested guy and being somebody that the team trusts.”

That trust goes both ways. The Jets cut Morstead trusting that he wouldn’t sign with another team. Morstead trusted the team that they would follow through on their word and bring him back after they finished whatever roster finagling, they had to do.

It all worked out and Morstead returned to the team a day later on August 30. He took to social media to respond to the news, “I’m not f****** leaving!”

Morstead Sent Strong Message to His Younger Teammates

On September 6, Morstead took to social media to send a message ahead of the season opener versus the Buffalo Bills.

“If we win, storyline will be that we are a lock to win the Super Bowl in February. If we lose, storyline will be that following weeks game is must win or our season is over. Important to note that both outcome storylines are false. Staying process focused, regardless of outcome, will take us as far as possible.”

I asked Morstead about it during our exclusive interview on “The Boy Green Show” and he revealed who that message was directed towards.

“Yeah, that wasn’t so much to fans that was more of a new age way of communicating with younger teammates. I know that guys follow each other [on social media] and see what they’re posting and what they’re up to.

Instead of lecturing a young player on what’s to come and getting too far out in front, it’s just understanding that there is two ways that this goes on Monday, win or lose. Just being prepared for the landslide of either carnival or crisis that comes from the fans and media. It’s good to know that is coming one way or the other. You’re going to be fed a bunch of bulls*** and at the end of the day none of it matters.

Whether we win or lose we’ve got to be focused on our process and if everyone just keeps their feet on the ground the whole season, doesn’t get too high or too low and just constantly recalibrates and gets back to attack another week over and over again. Just keep doing that and stacking them up. Having that process will get to the best results over time and give yourself the best chance to do what we want to do.”

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