Jets Connected to Hated Rival Pro Bowl Quarterback: Insider

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The impossible might be possible in 2023.

On the Pat McAfee show, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport dropped a surprising name to watch in the Tom Brady sweepstakes in 2023: the New York Jets.

“What about the Jets? He has family in New York [and] they need a quarterback.”

Tom Brady to the Jets Makes More Sense Than You Think

Brady is 45 years of age and he will turn 46 by the start of the 2023 season.

At this stage of his career, retirement is always an option but there is a thought around the league that he’ll make one more run with one more team.

The 15-time Pro Bowler spent the first 20 years of his career with the New England Patriots. He haunted Jets fans by winning a record six Super Bowl titles during that span.

In 2020 he surprisingly left New England and joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of all places. In his first season, he won his seventh Super Bowl championship.

Now in 2023, he is heading for unrestricted free agency and after a disappointing end to his 2022 season, he will likely be open to other available options.

On the surface, a lot of people would openly question if Brady would ever join the Jets. It was a divisional rival of his for two decades with the Patriots and Bill Belichick hates the Gang Green organization more than any other team.

Some of that likely rubbed off Brady after all those years.

However, there are three main reasons why a Brady-Jets pairing makes a lot of sense.

First and foremost family. Brady has made enough money in his career and has accomplished enough that he has nothing left to prove. So if he wants to keep going convenience would be a primary reason to pick the Jets.

He has children both in the state of Florida and New York. If he played on the Jets being around his kids could be something that is easily worked out as opposed to some other locations.

Secondly, he would have a chance at juicy revenge. If Brady wants to come back to the AFC East and give it to the Patriots twice a year, the Jets are his only option.

The Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen and the Miami Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa. That only leaves the Jets.

Thirdly, this Jets team is ready to compete and the only thing they’re missing is a quarterback. Garrett Wilson is a stud, Breece Hall is a budding star, and the Jets will get a ton of health back in 2023.

If Brady wants to go to a place that has a talented roster, a good defense, and is a quarterback away the Jets absolutely fit that description.

Jets Fans React to Tom Brady Rumors

One Twitter user said Tom Brady coming to the Jets would be “blasphemy.” He then added that he is “85 years old and declining.”

He is actually 45 and will be 46 by the start of the 2023 season, but I get the age joke. The stats sure don’t say he is declining.

People that were for the move were called “fake fans” for even suggesting such a thing.

Does Brady hate the Jets so much that he wouldn’t even consider it a possibility?

A Twitter user brought up a great point that by bringing in Brady he could mentor Zach Wilson during his reset. Then when Brady walks away, in theory, Wilson could then live up to his No. 2 pick potential.

A Jets fan admitted that he “threw up a little in my mouth” when he even started thinking about it.

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