Jets Make Final Call on QB Zach Wilson Ahead of Steelers Clash

Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson talking with head coach Robert Saleh before the start of an NFL game.

The New York Jets are making a change at quarterback.

After riding the Joe Flacco wave through the first three weeks of the season, Gang Green is giving the keys back to Zach Wilson.

Head coach Robert Saleh announced the decision to the media on Wednesday, September 28:

The Return of Jets QB Zach Wilson

There was a lot of hope and promise heading into 2022 that Wilson could take a massive leap in his development.

Wilson’s rookie campaign was really a tale of two halves. During the first half of his season, prior to the PCL injury, he looked frazzled and had an affinity for reckless turnovers.

After sitting on the bench for a four-week stretch, Wilson was able to learn from the sideline.

The former BYU stud was noticeably better when he returned from injury and cut down on the interceptions.

In theory with the Jets increasing the protection and weapons around Wilson this offseason, he was expected to make a big jump.

Unfortunately, all of that was derailed in the preseason after Wilson suffered a bone bruise and a meniscus tear. Thankfully he wasn’t out for the season but the young man was robbed of precious reps, joint practice opportunities, and of course game action.

Now after some time away, it’s time to hit the pedal to the medal with 14 games left on the 2022 regular season docket.

Fair Expectations for Zach Wilson’s Return to the Jets

Wilson returning is great news for the fans and this team.

He is more talented than Flacco, more agile, and of course, he represents hope. You always knew that Flacco was on borrowed time considering his age the upside was always limited.

With Wilson, none of those factors exist and should excite many people.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had a super interesting comment this week when discussing the possibility of facing Wilson.

He said there are a lot of “unknowns” with him because of his limited NFL tape through a season and a half. Tomlin said that the shroud of mystery is two-fold though:

“There is a mystery for them as well because he hasn’t played.”

Tomlin is 100 percent right, what Wilson will the Jets be getting on Sunday in Week 4?

The pre-injury quarterback from 2021 that was throwing interceptions left and right? Or perhaps will they get the more refined version from the second half of last season?

Maybe we’ll get neither of those things and it’ll be a completely different version. So the sense of mystery is there for both sides which should be an interesting storyline to monitor.

If the Jets are smart they will lean heavily on the running game. Gang Green has a dynamic duo at the position that can create a nice floor offensively.

That will allow Wilson, in theory, to work himself slowly into the flow of an NFL game. Something candidly he hasn’t truly experienced since 2021.

Inevitably Wilson will regain his confidence and that should allow the deep shots to return to this offense with some level of consistency.

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