Zach Wilson Sends Message on Controversial Jets-Patriots Presser

Zach Wilson, Patriots

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson getting sacked during a game against the New England Patriots.

Zach Wilson ended up getting benched by the New York Jets following his November 20, 2022, post-game presser versus the New England Patriots.

The former BYU product didn’t take accountability for his own struggles during the 10-3 loss and seemingly threw his teammates under the bus.

He spoke with the media on Thursday, September 21, and was asked about that controversial presser and whether he had learned anything from that experience.

“Absolutely. Frustration, emotion, you know just things not going well. As a quarterback you have to understand that it’s on you and you’ve got to be able to be the guy that takes it and it’s tough. How can we just keep learning and getting better and always having each other’s backs? I think going forward no matter what I want these guys to know I always have their back,” Wilson explained.

“Don’t get too high, don’t get too low I think that’s the message. It’s a long season, there [are] a lot of games, and how can we just keep learning from the bad mistakes and growing and getting better, that’s it.”

Wilson’s Jets Career Took a Wild Turn After His Benching

Wilson had the worst game of his career on that fateful night on November 20. He threw for a career-low 77 passing yards [excluding games he was hurt and didn’t complete].

The Jets’ offense converted six first downs, was 3-of-14 on third downs, averaged 2.1 yards per play, 1.7 yards per pass, and Wilson was sacked four times in that game last season.

Despite those putrid results, Wilson after the game pointed the finger at seemingly everyone else.

Here were some of the quotes after that game in the now infamous press conference with the media:

“I think you got to take into account it’s windy as hell out there too, guys.”

“There’s stuff that I want them to do different and I guess get frustrated as well.”

However, the final nail in the coffin was the final question and answer at the end of the media availability.

A reporter asked if Wilson felt like he let his defense down at all by only scoring three points in a game where his defense only gave up three points.

Wilson responded, “No. No.”

Wilson got benched and didn’t return back to the lineup until a month later against the Detroit Lions. The only reason he reemerged from the darkness is because Mike White got hurt and the team had no choice.

Wilson’s Teammates Are Showing Massive Support Ahead of Jets-Pats Game

Wilson’s comments last season rubbed a lot of his teammates the wrong way. So much so that the former BYU product got in front of the team to apologize.

Fast forward a bunch of months and it seems like Wilson has been able to fix some of those previously burned bridges.

Antwan Staley of the New York Daily News shared on X previously Twitter that all of the player’s lockers had brand new t-shirts waiting for them with the caption, “I Got Your Back.”

The Jets as a team have made it clear that this is “Zach’s team” with Aaron Rodgers on the shelf with a torn Achilles. Now his teammates are rallying around him ahead of a pivotal Week 3 matchup that very well could decide their season.

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