Jets QB Zach Wilson Called out for ‘Embarrassing’ Comments

Zach Wilson, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson throwing a pass during a game against the New England Patriots.

Well, that wasn’t the present New York Jets fans were hoping to receive ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

After that crushing defeat by the New England Patriots for the second time this season, the Jets now sit at 6-4 on the year. Our two experts Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden and Michael Obermuller are ready to dive into some of the deep-rooted issues of this team.

Going Through All of the Issues With Jets QB Zach Wilson

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1. After Zach Wilson’s dismal performance versus the New England Patriots are you ready to pull the plug for Mike White or Joe Flacco?


Not really, no. Neither White nor Flacco has ever really impressed me in all honesty.

If the Jets had a better backup, I might consider it but Wilson still gives the Jets the best chance to win if you ask me.

Have we ever considered that the BYU product just cannot play against Bill Belichick and the Pats?

Boy Green:

Make no mistake about it that was a horrid performance. Zach Wilson couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!

However, after a night to let my feelings and thoughts marinate, no I’m not willing to go to one of the backups. Honestly White and Flacco aren’t good, if they were the Jets would have gone to them already.

Flacco is old and over the hill. White was a flash in the pan that was a turnover monster in his own right after that Bengals game.

Same as MO if there was a more competent backup on the roster maybe we’re having a different conversation, but not with this group.

2. When we reach the 2023 offseason are you ready at this point to explore other available quarterback options? If so who are some of the names on your shortlist and what would you be willing to give up?


It depends on two things; the options that are available and how Wilson fares over the remainder of the season — so no I guess.

The question says “at this point” and I’m still not convinced Wilson cannot be the guy. His only two horrible outings were against the Patriots this year, so let’s see how he does the rest of the way.

Having said that, I’m not passing on a top-tier QB like Lamar Jackson or a short-term deal for Aaron Rodgers. It would have to be an obvious upgrade that makes them a Super Bowl favorite.

Boy Green:

I’m ready to explore other options absolutely.

This Jets defense gave up three freaking points and somehow they lost! I’m still trying to figure out how that is even possible. Wilson will be the quarterback for the rest of 2022 outside of injury, but I’m turning over every single rock this offseason that would be a legitimate upgrade.

I discussed a possible blockbuster trade with the Las Vegas Raiders for Derek Carr on Monday, November 21. That is at the top of my mind right now if Wilson continues to struggle.

3. Zach Wilson has received flak for seemingly not taking accountability at the podium after losses. Is that a sign of concern?


It’s never great to see an ill-timed quote after a bad loss but I don’t think that impacts my concern level. He’s pissed after another defeat to the Pats, it matters more how he bounces back.

Things looked bleak after Week 8 too and then Wilson led one of the best Jets upsets in recent memory versus Buffalo.

Winning and points change everything and Wilson needs to get everyone back on his side against the Bears.

Boy Green:

Jets content creator Matt O’Leary called Wilson’s postgame comments “embarrassing and out of touch.”

Those have the capability of destroying a locker room. This situation has to be handled immediately so it doesn’t blow up any bigger than it already is.

Candidly I liked the fire after the first Patriots game that he had with the media. I said at the time for it to mean anything he has to bounce back in a major way in the rematch and obviously he didn’t do that.

I only have a problem with it if the locker room does. If they start losing their crap behind the scenes which would eventually leak to the media then we have a major problem on our hands.

This locker room knows this is a win-now team and with Wilson’s struggles it seems inevitable we’ll reach the finger-pointing stage.

Predictions and Fiery Jets Rookies

4. Jets rookie WR Garrett Wilson was very transparent after the game with his concerns with the team. Did the youngster go too far or is that a sign of a true leader to call it how he sees it?


I don’t necessarily think he went too far, he was just showing passion.

It seems like a lot of wide receivers are having issues with the offensive game plan and to me, that’s Mike LaFleur that he’s voicing a complaint with.

This will always be a run-first offense but these Jets WRs are talented enough to warrant designed touches. Keep in mind, Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims were both upset about their usage too.

Boy Green:

In case you missed Wilson’s comments after the game I cut up the highlights together on Twitter (above).

That was obvious passion and a mentality that he isn’t just going to accept losing and crap. Garrett knows how talented this Jets team is and what they’re capable of.

Once again these comments don’t bother me in the slightest, this is where real leaders are born and bred. Hopefully that inspires the team and holds everyone accountable.

5. We’re both 6-4 on the season, time for another prediction: who wins between the Jets and the Chicago Bears?


Darn, we both thought the New England streak would finally end and we too took the proverbial “L” on Sunday.

Chicago is much more of a gimme, especially if Justin Fields ends up being hurt long-term. The Bears traded most of their top defenders at the deadline so Zach Wilson should be able to get right here.

I’ll take the Jets to win and move to 7-4 by a score of 33-17.

Boy Green:

That was a tough one and because all of my family is from the New England area I have a very large bet to pay off to my future father-in-law, hardly ideal.

At least I don’t have to get a Patriots tattoo on my neck, sorry Brandon Marshall.

With Justin Fields, the Bears are a little more feisty, but let’s be honest for a second, despite his inspired play over the last few weeks this team has still lost a lot of games.

Specifically, they have lost seven of their last eight games. Has Fields been running all over the place and seemingly showed significant improvements in year No. 2? Sure in bits and pieces but they’ve been losing.

Why you may ask? Because this team stinks.

This is a get-right game for the Jets at home. If you’re a playoff team, this is the kind of game you win in dominant fashion.

I’ll take Gang Green to win this one 38-10 over the Bears.

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