Knicks Urged to Play Former Lottery Pick ’30 Minutes a Game’

cam reddish

Getty Cam Reddish.

The New York Knicks traded for Cam Reddish last season and even gave up a first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks to bring him over.

After the trade, the former lottery pick didn’t see a whole lot of playing time, and after it was reported that he wanted a trade this offseason, something he quickly shot down, Reddish is still wearing a Knicks jersey.

The preseason is an excellent time for him to get playing time, but an ankle injury cut his time short in the victory over the Detroit Pistons.

Provided he’s able to recover quickly, there are many fans out there who would love to see him get big minutes. Sports Illustrated’s Ben Stinar is one of those people, and he’s urging coach Tom Thibodeau to play him at least 30 minutes a game through the start of the season.

Reddish Due For Heavy Minutes?

Reddish was a lottery pick by the Atlanta Hawks, but he quickly fell out of favor with them and became a Knick where he was never really given a shot.

At just 22 years old, his best years could very well still be ahead of him, but he needs to get playing time to prove it.

“The New York Knicks should let Cam Reddish play 30 minutes a game EVERY game for the first 15 games of the season .. enough of the BS let him prove himself,” Stinar said. “If he stinks he stinks but give him a damn shot.”

With the Knicks not projected to even be a playoff team based on odds, there’s really not a ton to lose if they do play him those minutes, provided he’s healthy.

The issue is where would those minutes come from? RJ Barrett just signed an extension and he’s projected to play a lot, as is Julius Randle who is entering an extension of his own.

Obi Toppin is another player looking for more minutes, so the forward position is quite stacked and that’s where Reddish would likely find the bulk of his minutes.

The Knicks could get creative with some lineups and go small with Toppin and Randle at the four and five respectively, but Thibodeau has been bullish on that idea in the past.

What Does the Future Hold?

Even if Reddish finds himself getting little playing time in this upcoming season, he’ll likely have suitors around the league once he hits free agency. He’s still young enough to be worth a shot, especially if he can be had for cheap.

As for the trade market, that looks more grim because the Knicks could find themselves holding out for a first round pick in exchange for him since that’s what they gave up themselves.

“They gave up a first-round pick to get him to New York so there is no way they’re going to send him out for anything less than a first-round pick in return,” said an NBA general manager to’s Sean Deveney. “And even if you like his potential, you’re talking about a guy whose bad attitude got him traded out of one place (Atlanta) and is now saying he wants to be traded out of the new place (New York). I am not going to give up a first-rounder for an attitude like that. He played, what, 15 minutes a game for the Knicks? And he wants a trade? Forget it.”

This is an important season for Reddish, but there’s not a whole lot he can do if he doesn’t get the playing time needed.


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