Knicks Linked to Last Season MVP Candidate as Blockbuster Trade Target

demar derozan

Getty Could the Knicks land the high-scoring wing?

The New York Knicks may have lost the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes, but that doesn’t mean all is lost for them this offseason.

Because they didn’t trade for Mitchell, it means they were able to hang onto their plethora of first-round picks along with all of the young talent that’s on the roster.

The Utah Jazz had a huge asking price for Mitchell, so pretty much any player the Knicks shift to now will have a lower price, and that could make them more obtainable.

A name like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been thrown around as of late, but he’s young and under contract until 2027, so he might not be a realistic target. Instead, the Knicks, and other teams for that matter, might be able to snag a player like DeMar DeRozan.

DeMar DeRozan Available?

An Eastern Conference executive speaking to’s Sean Deveney floats DeRozan as a name who could hit the trade market if things go wrong for the Chicago Bulls.

“If this season starts the way last season ended, there is a chance the Bulls could explore all options,” the exec said. “And you’d get some good offers. Teams like the Knicks or Dallas or Portland, certainly Miami, they’d give up pieces and picks for a player like DeRozan. He was an MVP candidate for most of last year. But it would have to be a disaster of a season for that to happen.”

The Bulls found themselves at the top of the Eastern Conference at one point last season, but they slid to the 6th seed by the end of the year. The exec is saying that if that stretch continues into the new year, changes could be on the near horizon.

DeRozan would be the guy to move considering his age and large contract. The Knicks could be an option there as they need somebody who can go and get a basket whenever he wants, but where would he go?

Would DeRozan Fit?

Something that’s interesting about DeRozan, especially in the year 2022, is the fact that he’s a mostly mid-range jump shooter. This would make him a dominant player in the 80s or 90s, but we’re far removed from those eras.

He’s proven he can still score with the best of them without having to add a three-point shot to his arsenal. He was even an MVP candidate for the Bulls last season, so he’s definitely a good player and could provide a huge boost to any team.

If the Knicks did get him, it’d almost certainly mean Julius Randle or Evan Fournier were moved in the deal, and that would allow DeRozan to jump into the starting lineup to replace them. Randle can’t really stretch the floor, so moving him for DeRozan could be a bonus.

In the case of Fournier, the Knicks would lose a lot of shooting, but they’d get more consistent scoring, so it would be a good tradeoff. Of course, a trade like this is still just a fun idea and there’s nothing really concrete to indicate it’ll happen. A slow start out of the gate for the Bulls could change everything, however.

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