Evan Fournier Has Hilarious Reaction to NBA 2K Avatar

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Evan Fournier, one of the New York Knicks’ top free agent signings of the offseason, will provide a huge boost to the team in the upcoming season.

However, he would argue there’s another boost that needs to be given and that’s to his NBA 2K avatar. In an August 25 tweet, the sharpshooting guard tweeted out a couple of images of his character showing how rough around the edges his model looks, and that’s putting it modestly.

Now, this isn’t actual how his in-game model will look in NBA 2K22, but it instead looks to be a screenshot from NBA 2K Mobile. With that knowledge in mind, it’s still hard to make any comparisons to how Fournier looks in real life versus how he does in this game.

Fournier Reacts

The Knicks guard simply tweeted out two images from the mobile version of NBA 2K, and he quickly discovered that he didn’t look anything like he does in real life.

“Every f**king year bro…,” he said. “I am sick of this sh*t.”

To be fair, it doesn’t seem like he’s too upset about looking like this, but it’s definitely something that would get annoying to see year after year like he says he does.

However, Ronnie 2K, head of the NBA 2K series, did step in and let him and his followers know that this isn’t actually from the upcoming NBA 2K game.

He’ll likely look a lot better once 2K22 launches next month, but the developers will have to deal with his mobile looks because he’s looking quite freaky. It could be a combination of the bug eyes and the exposed teeth, but something just doesn’t feel right about how he looks.

2K Mobile does usually get an update each time a new season starts, so there is still a chance that he could have his whole model overhauled. Only time will tell if that’s indeed the case.

Orlando Magic Get in on the Fun

In an attempt to get in on the fun, the Orlando Magic tweeted out an image of Fournier that’s from NBA 2K17, showing that this has been a running problem for the shooting guard. While it does look a bit better than his mobile counterpart, the eyes could definitely still use some work.

Graphics have come a long way in video games, especially with the jump to the Xbox Series X and PS5, so we’ll just have to hope Fournier’s model makes the jump too.

The good thing about all this is that how he looks in-game will have no bearing on how he plays. Fournier’s 2K stats aren’t out yet, but it’s highly likely that’ll slot in as one of the better 3-pt shooters in the game, and the Knicks should be a popular pick for online play as well.

Outside of the virtual world, Fournier should be a formidable threat on the real-life squad as well. It’s not yet known whether the newly-signed guard will come off the bench of start, but wherever he slots in, he’ll be a dangerous threat.

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