Cowboys Star Micah Parsons’ New Look Causes Concern

Micah Parsons

Getty Images Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys.

Micah Parsons is active for the Dallas Cowboys matchup against the Tennessee Titans, but the star linebacker is sporting a club cast on his injured hand, causing some concern.

Parsons has been dealing with the hand injury this week but has downplayed its significance. He was questionable heading into the matchup with the Titans, who are resting multiple key players as they prepare for a must-win matchup next week against Jacksonville.

“It’s football. It’s the reality of it,” Parsons told reporters this week. “Play a physical sport. That’s all. I’m good, though.”

Prior to the matchup, Parsons was spotted wearing the club cast, sparking concern over the long-term effects of an injury for a player whose physicality can be used to impact a game in multiple ways.

Jon Machota of The Athletic tweeted out a video of Parsons warming up while wearing the cast and fans pleaded in the comments for the Cowboys to get him healthy for the postseason, which the team has qualified for.

“Sometimes I really want Micah to chill out,” one commenter wrote. “I don’t want him hurt for the playoffs. I want him fresh and injury free.”

Parsons in Hunt for Defensive Player of the Year

Parsons is firmly in the hunt for Defensive Player of the Year, after winning the 2021 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year a season ago. Parsons was once the heavy favorite to win the award but is now looking to catch San Francisco 49ers pass-rusher Nick Bosa. Sitting out one of the final two games would likely secure the award for Bosa.

But Parsons has shown an indomitable will to stay on the field. During a win against the Rams earlier this season, Parsons shook off a groin injury and continued playing.

“I just got taped up. I told coach I can’t do a whole lot of running but I can rush. And I just did what I could. I knew my team needed me. And I just can’t be denied,” Parsons told a reporter from Fox. “I just love the game. I’m just willing to push through anything.”

He was banged up again in week 11 against the Vikings but continued to play through it. In an interview with Buffalo Bills pass-rusher Von Miller, Parsons made it clear he’s been feeling the impact of playing in the trenches this season.

“People don’t understand that trench warfare,” Parsons told Miller. “I’m not gonna lie, when I was playing linebacker a whole lot last year, my body was way more fresh. There were some plays I wouldn’t get touched.”

Parsons Defends Dip in Production: ‘See How You Do’

Parsons has just one sack over the last four weeks and — by his standards — has seen his production dip in recent weeks. Of course, some of that could be offenses scheming to make him less effective. Parsons defended himself while speaking to reporters.

“It’s not as easy as everyone or I may look, or other guys may look or make it seem. I promise you, sacking the quarterback’s not that easy, especially when they’re game-planning against it and they don’t want you to get going,” Parsons told reporters. “But if anybody wants to take my job and step in my shoes, you’re more than welcome. I’ll hand it over and see how you do.”

It’s not certain when exactly Parsons injured his hand. The Cowboys last played on Christmas Eve, and since then he’s been spotted with a wrapped hand on multiple occasions.

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