Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Sends Message to Patrick Mahomes

Micah Parsons Patrick Mahomes

Getty Micah Parsons is ready to get to Patrick Mahomes.

Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons made it clear that he is not worried about Patrick Mahomes’ no-look passes. Parsons emphasized that his job is to sack Mahomes, not be concerned with where the Chiefs quarterback is throwing.

“I mean, I’m worried about him [Mahomes],” Parsons explained during his Week 11 press conference. “I ain’t worried about where he throwing, I’m worried about sacking him. I ain’t worried about where he trying to throw. I’m worried about getting to him, so.”

Parsons has already notched six sacks and is threatening to reach double digits during his rookie season. The linebacker described Mahomes as a “future hall-of-famer” and admitted he enjoys playing as the Chiefs quarterback in the Madden video game.

“His throw power, his ability to throw no looks and I mean this is the guy I like on Madden,” Parsons noted. “So, my first time playing them. I’m really excited to see what he does in person and he’s just a terrific player, future hall-of-famer. Guy has done it all so early in his career.”

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Cowboys Legend DeMarcus Ware Praised Micah Parsons’ Start to His NFL Career

Opposing offenses are growing equally concerned about where Parsons is on the field. During a recent interview with Heavy, Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware praised Parsons for “showing up and showing out” this season.

“I think, as a rookie, Micah Parsons has really been showing up and showing out,” Ware told Heavy. “He’s been progressing, I told him, ‘Go out there and just play comfortable,’ and you can see him doing that.

“They’ve taken a lot of responsibilities from him, and letting him get out there and just play and make plays. … He’s been doing really well and hopefully he keeps progressing like he’s doing. But that’s one of the guys I’ve really been looking at on my radar, and he’s been doing his thing.”

Mahomes: ‘I Was a Pretty Big Cowboys Fan Growing Up’

Leading up to the Week 11 matchup, Mahomes came clean on his fandom for the Cowboys, a product of growing up in Texas. Mahomes added that he is hoping that his family members will not be rooting for the Cowboys when they square off.

“Yeah, I was a pretty big Cowboys fan growing up,” Mahomes admitted during a November 15 interview with 610 Sports KC. “My dad was a big Cowboys fan. So, we went to games and stuff like that. So, it will definitely be cool just to be able to play against them, especially with the Chiefs being originally the Dallas Texans. It adds a lot of history in this game, and they’re obviously a great football team.

“So, it’s going to be an awesome experience. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of family members up at the game. Hopefully, they’re cheering me on and not the other team.”

Mahomes on Diggs: ‘When You Have That Many Interceptions…You Know What’s Going on’

One Cowboys defender that Mahomes will be paying special attention to is cornerback Trevon Diggs. The Chiefs quarterback explained what he sees from Diggs, and why he is a major threat to offenses.

“Yeah, for sure, when you may have that many interceptions that means you know what’s going on,” Mahomes said of Diggs during his November 17 press conference. “You have the understanding of what the offense is trying to do. So, you definitely have to have an eye on him at all times, because he’s gonna wait for his opportunity and, usually, when he gets his hands on it, he ends up making the catch.

“So, definitely a great player, someone you got to pay attention to on every single snap and try to find ways that you can have success in either other places or on him in certain areas.”