Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Fires Off Tweets on Travis Kelce, RB Salaries

Micah Parsons

Getty Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons celebrates after a sack.

Micah Parsons is one of the most outspoken voices on the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the pass rusher is speaking on Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s salary.

Parsons has become one of the team’s most recognizable players in just two years thanks to All-Pro performances and a strong personality. As the NFL world talks about the state of salaries and the RB position, Parsons commented on Kelce’s situation as a tight end.

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, Parsons made it clear that he thinks NFL salaries should be based on production alone, rather than the position’s value in the current state of the game.

“Facts i think Travis kelce should be paid as a reciever!! He has had more production than 75% of the receivers ahead of him! So many more players I can think of!! I don’t think a players value should be looked upon by position but by what they bring to a team! Including RB’s!!” Parsons wrote on July 18.

For context, Kelce’s current deal has an average salary of less than $15 million according to Spotrac. That makes him the third-highest-paid tight end, but that average salary would be only the 19th-highest-paid wide receiver based on Over the Cap‘s numbers.

Parsons Speaks to Cowboys Great Dez Bryant on Issue

When it comes to NFL salary talk, the majority of the national conversation has focused on how the running back position gets paid. Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was one of many names to speak on the issue, sharing on Twitter that the average kicker makes more than the average running back in the NFL.

Parsons replied to the former Dallas receiver with his two cents. Essentially, Parsons believes that generational players deserve their huge contracts, but the nature of the NFL is that players can be replaced and that means lower salaries.

“Dez it’s two sides to every story ! I don’t think no one’s wrong like anything there’s some generational athletes who deserve it and some guys that you can replace and that goes for any position except qb, in most cases! Longevity plays a huge part!” Parsons wrote.

As of the time of writing, Bryant has not replied to the defensive end’s tweet.

Cowboys Will Have to Pay Parsons Huge Salary

Dallas is likely watching Parsons closely as he speaks on money, because the Cowboys are going to have to give him a lot of cash in the near future. Parsons still has three years on his deal, but after two All-Pro seasons, he is already set for a big second contract.

Back in May, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell projected the APY for Parsons’ second deal to be around $32 million. That number is eye-watering, but Barnwell’s context shows why that number makes sense.

“The player at the top of the edge rusher market is (Pittsburgh Steelers ) T.J. Watt, whose deal averages just over $28 million per season,” Barnwell explained. “Nick Bosa (of the San Francisco 49ers) is likely to become the first defensive player to average $30 million per season on a new deal when he signs an extension this offseason.”

As for when the Cowboys may extend Parsons, it’s unclear. However, that second contract is looming for Dallas.