Courtland Sutton Called ‘Best Option’ for Playoff Team

Getty Denver Broncos wideout Courtland Sutton was called the "best option" on the receiver market for a playoff team from the 2022 season.

Courtland Sutton was called the best option for the Dallas Cowboys on the receiver market by Sportsnaut’s Vincent Frank, who believes the Denver Broncos wideout could be perfect.

“If the finances work out, this might be Dallas’ best option,” Frank wrote.

Frank sees Sutton as a perfect complement to slot receiver CeeDee Lamb. “Sutton’s frame and ability as a possession receiver would work well with what Lamb does to stretch the field.”

To Frank, the addition of Sutton to lamb and Michael Gallup would supply a troika of big-play weapons to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. “In this scenario, Michael Gallup plays more out of the slot — creating a true three-headed wide receiver monster for Dak Prescott,” Frank wrote.

Pursuing a player like Sutton is not out of the realm of possibility to Frank, who believes it’d be natural for Dallas to pursue the Broncos receiver given their previous interest in free agent Odell Beckham Jr. and a trade for Arizona’s DeAndre Hopkins, as well as their signing of T.Y. Hilton.

“What’s the moral of this story?” he rhetorically asked. “Isn’t it obvious? Owner Jerry Jones wants to go all in at wide receiver behind CeeDee Lamb.”

Patriots Only Possible for Courtland Sutton With Deal Restructuring

Frank also threw out the possibility of the Patriots adding Sutton to a New England receiving corps that doesn’t have a No. 1 option right now. “A big body on the outside would solve a ton of issues,” Frank wrote. “New England simply doesn’t have that at wide receiver right now.”

The Patriots, Frank believes, would be like any team trading for Sutton: in need of a contract restructuring.

“The 27-year-old receiver is set to count $14 million against the cap for an acquiring team,” Frank prefaced before saying, “a restructure would obviously have to be in the cards to lower this figure.”

New England is currently projected to have $31.8 million in salary-cap space, according to OverTheCap. Sutton has an out-clause in his contract following the 2023 season.

Courtland Sutton Reportedly Made Available by Broncos

Trade rumors involving Sutton started on March 6 with NBC Sports’ Matthew Berry and his release of the 23 most interesting things he heard at the NFL combine in Indianapolis from February 28 to March 6.

“As long as we are talking Denver, I’m told the Broncos are quietly shopping Courtland Sutton,” he reported. “Not actively pushing him, but definitely trying to see if there’s a trade market for him and if they get a decent offer, would move him.”

Berry revealed that the biggest storyline for the Broncos surrounded when (or if) Javonte Williams would be able to return in 2023.

“The most fascinating nugget about Denver (and possibly of the whole combine) was about Javonte Williams’ health and I’m told there is a VERY wide range of possibilities regarding his return,” Berry reported. There is a chance he is healthy to start the year. There is a chance he misses multiple games. And there is actually a chance he misses all of next year. I was told he is currently a lot more hurt than the team is letting on publicly and that the Broncos are secretly nervous.”