Charles Harris Reveals How 2021 Stats Could Have Been Even Better

Charles Harris Dan Campbell

Getty Charles Harris and Dan Campbell speak on the field during Lions training camp in 2021.

The Detroit Lions got a better than expected season from Charles Harris in 2021, which led to his eventual return in 2022. As a result, it isn’t a stretch to proclaim him arguably the best story on the team.

Harris managed to start from the bottom and work his way to the top in 2021, and when he was able to do that, he impressed plenty of folks along the way. Interestingly enough, though, the player believes he could have done even more on the field last season.

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Speaking to the media after practice on Thursday, June 2, Harris admitted that he has been looking into improvements he could make that he saw on tape. As a result, he believes he could have put up even better stats last year to help the team win even more games on the field.

“Mentality-wise, I think I’ve been able to go back and watch a lot of film from last year and see the plays that could have (been) made but didn’t get made and I think that’s kind of where I am this year. If I added every (play) I could have made, you know, numbers would be crazy and our success would be crazy,” Harris admitted to the media. “So really, capitalizing on that. The things I didn’t know before making sure I know now and being ready to prepare and succeed in those moments.”

Overall, he admitted that efficiency is something he sees as the biggest key for his game moving into this season in between the lines.

“Just making sure I’m being more efficient, so I think efficiency is the right word for what I’m trying to do this year,” Harris explained.

The experience in 2021, though, taught Harris that good things can happen when hard work is applied. As a result, he feels happy to be in a good position and to have found a home in the league.

“Yeah, it’s a blessing. Really is. (I) just kept my head down, kept working and I think that’s what we really can do. When you come into that position, when that day does come, be ready to prepare and ready to succeed so that’s really what it is,” Harris said. “Keep my head down, keep working (and) same thing will happen happen this year.”

As a result, nobody would be surprised if his stats end up looking even better when all is said and done.

Harris Credits Others for His Major 2021 Season

In typical humble fashion, Harris wasn’t going to take all the credit for his 7.5 sack year. Instead, he pointed toward his teammates as well as his coaches when asked by the media of what helped to fuel his immediate success on the field and major turnaround season.

“Well, you know, coaching. Coach (Kelvin) Sheppard is great. Aaron Glenn’s defensive scheme. Guys around me. The guys running are also great,” Harris conceded. “They did a great job of setting up stuff so not just myself but everybody can make their own plays. We just head to my teammates and the coaches themselves (to) put us in the right position.”

Prior to his stop in Detroit, Harris was a bit of a nomad, with two NFL teams under his belt and some inconsistent play. Detroit’s staff had a significant boost to helping his game out and helping to discover what Harris did so well in order to be a consistent force. To that end, he is right on the money to defer credit.

Dan Campbell Celebrated Harris’s Good Story

The Lions have become well-known as a team who will give anyone a chance, and that’s true for Harris. He was an unheralded signing for Detroit last offseason even as a veteran defender, and when he came in, Harris was a low man on the totem pole who worked his way up. That’s just what Dan Campbell respects from a key figure on his team and his defense.

“Lions’ Dan Campbell loves Charles Harris’ story. This time last year he was running with the threes, holding bags in practice, and taking ST reps. Says Harris worked into earning himself some money for a team that gave him a shot, and in return gave the Lions a shot by re-signing,” Rogers tweeted.

The way Harris has emerged and taken to coaching, it isn’t a surprise to hear that the coaching staff loves him. It’s also not a surprise to hear that he feels as if he could do even more on the field this season.

Soon, everyone will find out whether or not that can be the case. It doesn’t seem wise to bet against an intelligent, motivated competitor like Harris, however.

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