ESPN Pundit: Lions ‘Got the Right Guy’ With Dan Campbell Hire

Dan Campbell

Getty DETROIT, MICHIGAN - JANUARY 09: Head coach Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions looks on during the first half against the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field on January 09, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Detroit Lions found a way to finish the 2021-22 season strong with a 37-30 win over the Green Bay Packers, and that win caught the attention of the national media in a major way.

As the Lions finished off the season, they stuck together and played well and that was something which folks took notice of. One such person is ESPN’s Mike Greenberg. As the season has gone on, Greenberg has taken notice of the Lions and seems to love Dan Campbell and the program he is building in Detroit.

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As Greenberg tweeted, he believes the team has the right coach because of how he leads the team and what he is able to do when coaching and commanding respect.

“Watch the Lions play for their coach. And watch how he is coaching this game. They got the right guy in Detroit,” Greenberg said.

If the Lions did indeed have the right guy that would be big news for the team and their fans. The team has wanted to be in the mix for a while to have a great coach, and it’s possible that they finally do.

Colin Cowherd: Lions Best ‘Bad Team’ He’s Watched

Another interesting take to emerge in the midst of the big win was the fact that the Lions are one of the best “bad teams” in the NFL. Cowherd feels as if the Lions are a team that he likes because of their approach with playmakers, trick plays and a fighting attitude. As the Lions were putting the finishing touches on the win, Cowherd was tweeting about how impressed he was by the Lions.

“Not sure I’ve ever liked a bad team more than the Lions. Never quit. Some playmakers. Trick plays. Fighting their butts off. Fun to watch,” Cowherd tweeted.

That’s been a common theme that has emerged from watching the Lions in 2021.

Cowherd Praised Lions Rebuild Earlier This Season

Now, the team can set their sights on building for the future and finding a way to set themselves up for a successful offseason. While some might be skeptics in the Lions being able to get that done, there are pundits who have taken a closer look and realize Detroit’s in a better position than many might think.

In addition to his other take, Cowherd felt that way as well. Speaking on The Herd a few months ago, Cowherd talked about where he sees the rebuilding teams in the league. As he said, the Lions might be in better shape than most given what they already have on the roster and how they have been playing in 2021

“There’s five rebuilding teams in the NFL. The Giants, the Jets, Houston, Jacksonville and Detroit. The Lions feel different,” Cowherd said. “They’ve got a QB who got to the Super Bowl. When he has time to throw, he throws a beautiful ball, Jared Goff. Five of their 10 losses are one-possession games. They out played the Ravens, should have won. They out-played the Steelers, should have won. This team likes their head coach. Many of their young player this draft and last draft are playing. Jared Goff is capable of winning games if you give him time to throw. The other thing is they play hard and love their coach. They play really hard, there’s never been quit. There’s been matchups they don’t play well.”

As Cowherd would go on to say, the Lions have major holes to address on the roster, but have other key things in place that could make the rebuild a bit easier.

“I don’t think they’re lost. They’ve got a coach the team believes in, young players the last two years… I think quarterback (and) coach, you’re good for a couple years,” he said. “But I find them different, I find they’re a unified bad team…I just think this team needs more good players. That’s what I think with Detroit. They just need more good players. They need a sustained pass rush, they need to keep upgrading the interior of their offensive line and they’ll be fine.”

It’s clear the Lions haven’t quit in 2021 when they have had plenty of chances to do so and many of their losses feel like they have been due to a lack of talent, thus Cowherd’s argument could be proven correct in the end.

Obviously, the national media is a big believer in Campbell’s future.

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