Jamaal Williams Excited for Cold Lambeau Field: ‘Just My Kind of Game’

Jamaal Williams

Getty Jamaal Williams celebrates a Lions win over Chicago in 2023.

The Detroit Lions are eying down a big game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 18 of the season, and even after a big win, the focus was firmly on the next opponent.

With everything left to play for, the Lions have to find a way to win first on the road, then let the chips fall where they may in the standings elsewhere. Jamaal Williams is once again going back to where he started his career for another big game.

Williams, of course, doesn’t draw any extra motivation from that fact. He does, however, notably like playing with a chill in the air at Lambeau Field. Perhaps advantage Lions in terms of their ground game, which was already spectacular in Week 17 with 265 yards rushing.

“It’s just me, so it’s just my type of game. It’s cold and I like cold so that’s it. But yeah, it’s gonna be great in Green Bay,” Williams told the media on January 1 after Detroit’s 41-10 win over Chicago of the looming Week 18 matchup.

Williams piled up 144 yards rushing and one touchdown in Week 17, and was just as impressive on a dry field indoors as he has been in the elements this season. The touchdown was his 15th with Detroit this season, one off a record held by Barry Sanders.

As for playing against his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who never hesitates to throw a dig in about the Lions here and there, Williams doesn’t really care what is being said by the media or by Rodgers. As he admitted, he doesn’t even watch television to know what is being said or hyped up any given time.

“I’m trying not to cuss. I don’t care. I just want to play football and go home. You’re holding me right now. I just want to go home and play Pokemon,” Williams told the media with a smile.

It’s clear listening to Williams that not much will have to be said in terms of motivation. Already, the Lions seem to be locked-in on the Packers and the challenge of a season finale outdoors in Wisconsin.

Williams Praises D’Andre Swift for Performance

Seeing Williams dominate on the field was special in Week 17, but seeing his teammate D’Andre Swift join in on the fun was important for the health of the offense.

It hasn’t been often this season that Swift has been able to be called the MVP, but on this day, he was. With 117 total yards and two touchdowns on the day, Swift was a big reason the Lions were able to pull away.

Perhaps his biggest score of the day was his second one on third and nine in the third quarter. The ball was slung to Swift, and he put on some nice moves and got into the end zone.

After the game, Williams praised Swift’s ability to step up, be ready and deliver.

“I think (Sunday), Swifty went crazy. Just had a tremendous game. I’m proud of him,” Williams said to the media. “Just the way he works and he deserves all the chances he gets and I’m just grateful for the way he came out and played for the team to get the juices going and the goods going.”

Swift showed he can be a difference maker for the Detroit offense. If the Lions can get this type of game from both Swift and Williams in the week ahead, it will be a big win for their offensive attack against the Packers.

Williams Loves Lions’ Late-Season Energy

In terms of what the Lions are doing, Williams is very impressed with how the season has progressed for the team. A big reason why is the energy the team is showing week in and week out.

As Williams explained, he likes seeing Detroit’s rookies starting to learn the ropes and take preparation seriously. He also likes how professional the Lions have been at approaching games to handle their business.

“I’m just grateful for how everybody’s being professional,” he said. “Just to see the young ones taking more attentiveness to what we need to be doing and just being more professional is just what everybody’s doing. I’m just grateful to be with my teammates and just (see) how they’re playing. I just love our energy right now.”

It’s the kind of positive energy that could lead the Lions to a big finish, and some major momentum to start off with in 2023.

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