Jared Goff Shares Faith in Lions’ Vision: ‘We Got Everything Here’

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff running on the field during Lions training camp in July 2021.

Across the league, expectations for the Detroit Lions have been very low to start the 2021 season, but that isn’t true when chatting with members of the team.

While many believe the Lions are heading for a bad season, internally, the team remains confident in a big way. No player personifies that confidence more than Jared Goff, the team’s new starting quarterback.

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While most are sounding the alarm bells about the season for the team as well as the quarterback, Goff himself seems to be a believer ahead of a new year, and thinks the Lions could be in shape to do a bit more damage than many folks think this year. Speaking in an interview with the Dan Patrick Show on Friday, August 27, Goff was very candid about the team’s future and his buy-in level for the franchise. That’s true so much so that he still has some bold goals for this season.

“Internally they don’t change, internally it’s win games and first goal is win your division and then go from there and be in the playoffs. Obviously the external implications are different and what people think of the team may be different, but internally, it’s the same every year for all 32 teams I would imagine and we’re no different,” Goff said. “We got all the players we could ever want and all the coaches we could ever want. We got everything here. It’s about going out and executing and doing your job and showing up on Sundays.”

Many might not agree that the Lions have the players or the coaches, but belief isn’t lacking from inside the building, which is something that folks will like to hear. The Lions aren’t projected to have a big season, but in Goff’s mind, the team simply has to show up and do their job in order to be on track to impress in 2021 and meet goals.

Jared Goff Reacts to Rams Trade Again

Naturally, it wouldn’t be an interview with Goff without asking him to react to the trade that played out months ago and is now ancient history. Even though that is the case, Goff was patient and answered the question as best he could, saying he is more focused on the team that does like him in Detroit rather than the past.

“It’s the same way as anything else, I got people who do like me, you focus on that. You focus on what you have and all the good things. It’s pat of this league and part of this business,” Goff told Patrick in the interview. “I’m sure it’s not quite the same but you guys go through it in the media with ESPN and where you are at now. You got people who do love you and people who don’t anymore and that’s the way things go.”

As he did admit after Patrick said he hasn’t gotten over leaving ESPN, parts of him are still mad, though, even though he has moved on.

“You can be mad and parts of me still are, of course, but I’ve got some things to look forward to here I’m excited about,” Goff explained.

Though he is moving on, it’s clear Goff is doing so with more than a bit of a chip on his shoulder for 2021 given what played out this offseason.

Goff Praises Dan Campbell’s Approach Coaching Lions

As it relates to his future with the Lions, Goff admitted he was glad to turn the page, and a major reason for that is head coach Dan Campbell, whom he has connected with and grown an appreciation for as head coach in a short amount of time.

“I couldn’t be happier to be here. I’ve had so much fun building this thing up with Dan (Campbell) and the rest of the coaches and players. It’s been a joy for me, it truly has been. It’s been a really fun challenge and something that I am looking forward to putting on the field this fall,” Goff told Patrick in the interview.

Working with Campbell was something Goff mentioned multiple times during the interview, and it’s clear the quarterback is very pleased with his new head coach.

“I think he has a nice mix of telling the truth when it’s not what you want to hear and at the same time, he’s a loving guy, he’s a loving coach and gives you that as well. So it’s a good mix of that. For me personally, I love it. I love being held accountable for what I need to do and at the same time, if I do something right, let me know,” Goff said.

It’s clear Goff feels this style will be a big benefit to the team moving forward in 2021.

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