Jared Goff Keeps Injured Jameson Williams ‘Loved’ Despite Early Injury

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff leaves the field after Detroit's Week 6 loss to Cincinnati in 2021.

The Detroit Lions have added lots of weapons to their offense this offseason, but perhaps one of the best was wide receiver Jameson Williams.

Williams comes into the mix from Alabama, where he was a star, do everything player his first season with the team. Unfortunately, he got hurt in the final game of the season, but that didn’t prevent the Lions from taking a chance on him for their offense.

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Now, Williams is taking his time getting acclimated back into the lineup. Even though that’s the case, quarterback Jared Goff is operating as if Williams is still in the lineup, something he is taking pride in doing in order to keep the youngster engaged and within the game plan. Goff discussed this with the media after practice on Tuesday, June 7.

“I just think doing my best to keep him involved and make sure he feels like he’s a part of what we’re doing. I’m not the only one, the coaches are doing that and the trainers and everybody but I think that’s what happens sometimes when these guys have these long rehabs is you can feel like you’re you’re not quite a part of it,” Goff explained. “I’ve had long rehabs in the offseason so just making sure he feels loved and knows he’s a part of what we’re doing and is going to be a big part of what we’re doing obviously hopefully sooner than later. We’ll see.”

Goff, of course, want to see Williams in Detroit’s lineup sooner rather than later because of all he brings to a team. Those attributes are something that Goff made himself familiar with quickly and seems to love even as Williams hasn’t been able to show off his stuff just yet.

“I watched his highlight tape on draft night, about 15 minutes or it whatever it was. He’s a really good player. He’s obviously extremely talented,” Goff said to the media. “I think what jumps off the screen first of all is his ability to make people miss with the ball in his hands and then obviously, his speed is second to none so a weapon for us for sure whenever he’s ready to go. I know they’ll be careful with him, but again, I’m gonna want him out there as soon as he’s ready.”

Goff and the Lions will both want Williams back in the fold as soon as he can be, and the quarterback is doing everything to keep his new weapon happy and feeling good even though he’s had a bumpy start to his NFL career in terms of being able to get on the field.

Goff Building ‘Great Relationship’ With Williams

In terms of taking to coaching and the league, Williams is already building a solid relationship with his new quarterback. The chemistry is there already, and Goff has noticed and appreciated Williams as a quick study and a player who asks questions. He also feels excited about what Williams brings to the mix.

“I think the best thing about him is he listens and then he has a reason why. (He’ll) give me a hard time about asking sometimes, but he always has a reason and that’s what I appreciate,” Goff said, “It’s exciting. I’ll stretch the field, it’ll scare defenses in a way that’ll open up some underneath stuff, so a little bit both of that as well as screens and shorter throws (that) can go a lot longer with those guys, so it’s always good to have guys.”

Goff and Williams are going to be a special duo into the future, and the path to making that possible has seemingly already started.

Goff Encouraged by Where Lions Offense Is at

The best news for the team? Already, it seems the Lions are in good shape in terms of their offensive game plan. With another year under his belt, Goff is confidently leading things which is a theme that has been echoed by the coaching staff as well as players. Goff himself thinks the Lions are in better position than a year ago, when everything was new in between the lines. That gives him a big reason for encouragement at this point of the offseason program.

“I just think where we are with our offense and and how far along we are right now in the spring as far as just getting stuff in and being able to rep it and feeling comfortable with what we have so far. (It’s) a lot further along than last year and it feels good,” Goff said.

Armed with a major new weapon and a more confident approach, Goff and company are turning their attention to a new season on the field. Even though Williams has been a bystander so far, he’s been a big part of the plan and a topic of conversation, which is very encouraging to see.

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