Trio of Lions’ Stars Receive First Ever Pro Bowl Nods

T.J. Hockenson

Getty T.J. Hockenson runs for a touchdown vs. the Packers.

The Detroit Lions have struggled most of this season to the tune of a 5-9 record, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t seen some downright elite play from some of their top players.

This year, the Lions had three players get elected to the Pro Bowl from their team. Detroit center Frank Ragnow, tight end T.J. Hockenson and punter Jack Fox all cracked the game for this season.

Even though the Pro Bowl won’t be played this year, it’s still a huge accomplishment for these players to get added to the team and the roster, and it’s especially nice for the Lions to see their last two first round picks elevating their play enough to get named to the game.

It’s a major honor for a trio of players who deserve it in a big way this season.

Frank Ragnow Playing Consistent During 2020

This season, Detroit’s offensive line has played well enough to lead in a team revival at the position which has been good to see up front. Arguably, the revival has been led by Ragnow himself considering how stable and steady he’s been at the center position. The best part? Ragnow himself has not only been playing well, but has been able to stay healthy and on the field through injury prior to this latest ailment coming up.

The biggest tribute to Ragnow has been the fact that he has been on the field and invisible, that is to say his play is solid and not showing any holes at this point in time. That’s been a big reason he’s been able to be lauded thus far for his play, and could be thought of as an All-Pro or Pro Bowl type talent starting in 2020.

Now that he has been elected to the game, that can officially be the case.

Jack Fox Rated Top NFL Punter

Fox has been elite thus far for the Lions, and he is far and away the best punter in the league so far according to Pro Football Focus metrics. A recent look at those metrics found Fox essentially running away with the top punter title early on in the 2020 season.

Fox has shown off in a big way this season with leg strength as well as accuracy. Against the Arizona Cardinals, his punt pinned the team deep in their own territory late which allowed Detroit a chance to flip field position and eventually tie the game. Fox nearly had another superb pin, but Detroit’s gunner was ruled to have been in the end zone, nullifying the kick. This season, Fox has been

Fox has been everything a young punter needs to be, and hasn’t shown any jitters at all with the leg, which has been amazing to note. Certainly, the Lions are in good hands with Fox already, and the Pro Bowl is a major honor for him.

T.J. Hockenson Playing Elite During 2020

While Hockenson got off to a slow start this past season, he is rounding into form and starting to keep some pretty excellent company in his tight end peer group late in the year. Suddenly, Hockenson has started to impress not only with his own play, but with the statistical company he is beginning to keep.

As Pro Football Focus pointed out, Hockenson is well on his way and is starting to be thought of as one of the bigger names in the league at the position with his play this year.

Over the 2020 season, Hockenson has certainly stepped up his game. This season, Hockenson has become more adapt at finding the end zone. This year, he’s put up an impressive 6 touchdowns to go with 675 yards through Week 15. Considering the questions about Hockenson entering the season, these are huge numbers.

This group is in elite standing and now all of them can call themselves Pro Bowlers in 2020.

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