Packers’ DC Trolled for Terrible Davante Adams Call: ‘Joe Barry Special’

Joe Barry, Packers coach

Joe Barry, Packers defensive coordinator

There are plenty of aspects of Monday night’s frustrating loss to the Raiders to poke and prod at for the Packers and their now-frustrated faithful. On the whole, the defense was not bad—it benefited from the tendency of the Raiders to indulge in self-harm—but there were still enough head-scratchers on the field to keep the seat warm under much-maligned defensive coordinator Joe Barry.

No play got more attention than the one that left 6-foot-5, 265-pound defensive end Preston Smith lined up to cover Davante Adams, arguably the best wide receiver in football. Adams was shrewd enough to know that if he slid over to the slot, the Packers would not adjust. And they did not.

Say what you will about Jimmy Garoppolo, he is smart enough to recognize that massive mismatch and got the ball to Adams in what wound up being a key play on the winning drive.

The play took place with 2:36 to go in the third quarter and the Raiders holding the ball on a second-and-10 from the Green Bay 37. Adams gave Smith a quick juke, cut inside and took the pass from Garoppolo for a 21-yard gain that set up a first down at the 16-yard line.

Four plays later, the Raiders scored a touchdown and took a 17-13 lead, the final outcome of the game.

Packers Backers Resigned on Joe Barry’s Calls

Smith had no chance on the play, and for a Packers fan base that has already had its fill of Barry, the play was yet another irritant.

Wrote Packers podcaster Jen Mack: “The entire NFL fanbase: “We want to see Jaire on Davante!” Joe Barry: “you’ll get Preston Smith and like it”

Matt Schneidman of The Athletic did not mention Barry, but then, he did not have to. He wrote, simply, “Preston Smith on Davante Adams. Lol.”

Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal wrote, “Earth to #Packers: Preston Smith can’t guard Davante Adams. Under any circumstances.”

Wrote Daire Carragher of 24/7 Sports (with what we presume is ample sarcasm), “Professional football team of coached by a professional defensive coordinator btw.”

And an account named, Fire Joe Barry had a predictable slant on the play: “Preston Smith (LB/End) lined up on Davante Adams, the best receiver in football. The Joe Barry special. #firejoebarry.”

Is Matt LaFleur Too Loyal to Joe Barry?

Again, there was plenty that went wrong for the Packers on the night, from the wide receivers, to special teams, to penalties and Jordan Love. Keeping an offense to 17 points is not a bad thing … except when one remembers that it is the Raiders, a team that has a season-high of 18 points scored this year, a team whose only other win came when it put up 17 on the hapless Broncos in Week 1.

While Packers coach Matt LaFleur, for better or worse, is known for his loyalty, there was an indication after Green Bay’s Week 4 drubbing at the hands of the Lions, that the Packers’ personnel was good enough to win and that some sort of change could be afoot.

“We’re going to have to do something different. It’s insane to do the same things over and over again and expect different results,” said LaFleur. “That’s one of the best offensive lines in ball, but it’s still inexcusable. You should be able to take one phase away. If you want to stop the run and commit to that, make them throw it over your head.”

Ah, but nothing really did change. Except that now, perhaps, there will be more calls for Barry’s job.

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