Ex-Derek Carr Teammate Explains How QB Will Feel About Raiders Matchup

derek carr

Getty New Orleans Saints QB Derek Carr.

Details about the NFL schedule for 2024 are starting to trickle out and one of the most interesting matchups from the season will be the Las Vegas Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints.

Derek Carr was the Raiders’ starting quarterback for nine years before being released last year. He signed with the Saints but has yet to play against his former team. That will change in 2024. According to a May 15 X post from Sports Illustrated’s John Hendrick, the Raiders and Saints are going to play in Week 17.

Depending on how the season goes, that game could have big playoff implications. According to former Raiders fullback and Carr teammate Marcel Reece, the quarterback is going to have the Week 17 matchup circled on his calendar.

“That game’s going to be everything to DC,” Reece said on the May 14 episode of “Up and Adams.” “And mark my words now – and the reel will be up – Derek Carr, the entire week, is going to say that it’s just another game to him. It’s just another game to him. And he’s not going to say anything else.”

The Raiders went 8-9 last season while the Saints went 9-8 so it should be a close matchup.

Marcel Reece Expects Extra Emotions From Derek Carr

Most of the people who decided to move on from Carr are no longer with the team. Former head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler were the ultimate decision-makers on the quarterback but both were fired last season.

Despite that, Reece believes Carr will still have a lot of emotion during the game.

“You don’t want to get too emotional before the game,” Reece said. “But once that game starts, you are going to see DC hollering and screaming and getting his team up. And that’s going to be a fun game to watch because Davante Adams is going to be up for that game, too. And you know they’re best friends, and they both are going to want bragging rights for that game. So, that’s going to be a fun game to watch.”

Carr still knows many of the players on the Raiders roster and was on the team when Antonio Pierce was still the linebackers coach. He’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces, which should make for an interesting matchup.

Who Has the Edge in the Week 17 Matchup?

The Raiders vs. Saints matchup will be held in New Orleans so Carr will have the home-field advantage. The Saints were disappointing last season but should be improved in 2024 if new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak can run a more efficient offense.

However, the Raiders should have the edge in the matchup. The Saints went 9-8 playing in the worst division in the NFL while the Raiders went 8-9 in a much more difficult AFC West. Plus, the team’s defense looked great to end the 2023 season, and have added star defensive tackle Christian Wilkins to the group.

While Carr will have some extra motivation to perform against his former team, some of his former teammates who are still on the Raiders will be eager to beat him. It should be a tight game but Las Vegas seems to be on an upward trajectory while Saints head coach Dennis Allen could get fired if the team gets off to a rough start.

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