Rams DB Gives Revealing Take on Battles Between Jalen Ramsey & All-Pro

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey tangles with Tee Higgins for the football during Super Bowl 56.

One Los Angeles Rams defender has seen firsthand the solo victories Jalen Ramsey has collected over the course of his time inside the “Rams House.”

This same defender additionally has witnessed Cooper Kupp torch anyone who dares to cover him on the field.

But, veteran safety Nick Scott was asked the burning question during a fan mail session with ESPN Australia released on Thursday, June 16: Between the All-Pro Ramsey and the All-Pro Kupp, who wins that contest at Ram practices?

‘This May be a Little Controversial’

The 27-year-old Scott, who has been with the Rams and both superstars since 2019, gave this revealing take.

While he’s used to watching Kupp beat cornerbacks off his releases and routes, he shared how he fares versus, arguably, the league’s best cover cornerback.

“This may be a little controversial, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cooper Kupp burn Jalen in practice,” Scott said in the Q and A session. “But I have seen Jalen lock down Cooper Kupp in practice. I’m sure people can pull up receipts on our film and maybe show me a time that I missed, but I have not seen it yet, and I have seen Jalen lock up Cooper Kupp, so we’ll see.”

So according to the safety, we now know the one cornerback who can truly match up and bottle Kupp: Ramsey. And for Ramsey fans, this means they can add Kupp to the long list of star wideouts the perennial Pro Bowler has locked up on the football field.

Scott Reveals Top Trash Talkers on Rams

Scott gave a telling insight on how matchups between Ramsey and Kupp go. But he added more just how verbose Ramsey is.

“So the biggest trash talker that everybody would expect is Jalen Ramsey,” Scott said.

However, the 5-foot-11,210-pound Scott then shared who on the Rams is the surprise trash talker on the team.

“Biggest talker that nobody would expect? Maybe Taylor Rapp,” Scott unveiled. “Yeah, you wouldn’t expect that would you? Taylor Rapp can get after it. And it’s not all the time. But if you get to the point where he’s talking trash, you’re going to regret it.”

Scott Reflects on Season he Delivered

Scott may not be considered a household name on the Rams who’s mentioned in the same breath of Ramsey, Kupp, Matthew Stafford or Aaron Donald.

However, he proved to be just as impactful when called upon.

Scott, who also thrives on special teams for the Rams, put together his best season to date last season: Posting career bests in total tackles (47), solo stops (28) and assisted tackles (19) all according to Pro Football Reference.

Tackles, though, weren’t Scott’s only highlights. He was one of the few defensive backs who snatched a Tom Brady pass, which was during the playoffs.

He also detonated this hit on NFC West rival Deebo Samuel, which Troy Aikman called a “textbook” hit:

Scott was asked which one was the best moment for him?

“Picking off Tom Brady,” Scott chose. “Although laying out Deebo was pretty close. But Tom Brady because of who he is. The point of the game when I got the interception, picking them off in a two-minute ordeal so they couldn’t get any points right before halftime, that was pretty special.”

Scott also delivered the play in front of those closest to him.

“My mom and dad, my two older brothers, my wife and my three best friends from high school were all at that game. So they got to see that moment. So that was pretty special,” Scott said.

Scott, however, revealed what upset him after that play.

“I was so upset — I had his last interception of his career for a couple of weeks. Then he came out of retirement,” Scott said smiling. “So Brady if you’re listening, man you did me kind of dirty dude.”

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