Jacoby Brissett ‘Excited’ to Mentor Patriots’ Rookie Quarterbacks

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Getty Images New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

The reacquisition of former New England Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett seemed like a minor transaction amid an offseason that saw NFL talent jump from organization to organization. But Eliot Wolf’s decision to resign the former Tom Brady understudy may become one of the most important signings of the off-season.

Brissett’s role within the 2024 Patriots could be complicated. There is no doubt that Brissett believes in his ability to lead the Patriots and wants to be their starting quarterback to begin the 2024 season. But Brissett also understands he has an obligation to mentor Drake Maye, the Patriot’s No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, and the other young quarterbacks on the roster. Brissett’s veteran presence positions him as a valuable mentor for Maye, nurturing the young quarterback’s growth and development, just as Brady was for a young Brissett.

Brissett recently spoke to Chad Graff of The Athletic to discuss how his role in the quarterback room has come full circle. “I’m excited to work with him,” Brissett said of Maye. “He’s 21, and I was 22 (when I first came to the Patriots), but I remember following Tom around. (Maye) is already texting me about plays and how I think about this and cadence — all the little nuances of playing at this level.”

Brissett Likes What He Has Seen From Maye

Brissett’s extensive experience as a starter for various franchises lends valuable insights, particularly in navigating an offense guided by the Patriots’ new offensive coordinator, Alex Van Pelt. Such familiarity could prove instrumental in facilitating Maye’s development and adaptation to the system. Brissett has also seen a lot of quarterback play in the NFL, so his ability to evaluate quarterbacks is high. And so far, Brissett has seen excellent things out of Maye.

“He’s got a lot of talent. He can make all the throws. He wants to learn football. He wants to get better,” Brissett said to MassLive.com. “That’s what you want. Not only in your quarterback but anybody on the team. I’m excited to work with him.”

Despite the praise for Maye and his early performances, there is no doubt that Brissett wants the starting job. But he sees the competition as a positive for all the quarterbacks and the team.

“I think the good thing about our room is, honestly, everybody wants to be the guy. Everybody’s competing to be the guy. That’s what you want,” he said. “If none of us wanted to play, then our room would be messed up like we would be in bad hands in this organization. I think everybody understands that, and everybody wants to play”, Brissett said via the Patriots official website.

It’s a Full-On Quarterback Competition in New England

The top priority for the New England Patriots entering the 2024 NFL Draft was to secure their future quarterback. They believe they’ve achieved this by selecting Drake Maye as the No. 3 overall pick. Recognizing the importance of the position, the Patriots opted to bolster their options further.

They also added Joe Milton III from the University of Tennessee in the sixth round of the 2024 NFL draft, bringing another strong arm into their quarterback room.

This decision makes the quarterback situation in Foxborough quite crowded, with five QBs now on the depth chart. Maye and Milton will join veteran Jacoby Brissett and Bailey Zappe, making for a highly competitive offseason in New England. New Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo thinks that the quarterback room’s talent level is a good thing.

“You want to have a strong group,” Mayo said following the Patriots draft. “You want to have a strong room, and I would say the way it looks now, we have a very strong room.

Mayo continued to discuss the Patriots leaving the draft with two new quarterbacks on the roster. “We’re in the business of trying to get good football players through the door, and Milton happens to be one of them,” Mayo said. “Obviously, he understands we took a quarterback at three in Drake. One thing that we preach is competition. Everything is about competition, and nothing is given. All of it’s earned. That’s how we thought about the process.”